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  1. Anyone know if Gary is still about?
  2. Hi all, I usually get my birds from Gary in Warrington, but my phone died & took my address book. He breeds conures, Senegal & caiques. Anyone got contact details, please, as I'm thinking of adding to my parrot family in the spring. Cheers
  3. Cheers I have been here before, but with an old account that I can't remember the password for!
  4. Hi guys. I'm experiencing an ongoing issue with polyuria in my 11 years old Sennie, Betty. She's been to the vet, who diagnosed a possible infection. She's been on oral antibiotics (liquid, straight into her beak, which she hates!) once daily for 10 days. A urine dipstick showed traces of blood & elevated ketones (which had disappeared on the next test). No polydipsia, no change in eating habits. She's been put on a diet & I've changed her food to Harrison's coarse pellets from Parrot Premium, as she was picking out just the sunflower seeds & is a fat little wench! She's gone from 175g to 164g in the week she's been in Fat Club. She appears well in herself & is playing, eating & squeaking away as usual. She's just walloped her sister & stolen the strawberry she was eating! No other signs of illness & I've been watching her closely. After an improvement in the polyuria within 3 days of antibiotics, it's now come back on day 10. Both my birds have a high fruit diet; lots of berries, apple, grapes, as well as veg & have always produced a lot of wee as a result, but Betty has dropped 6 water bombs inside an hour this afternoon. The urine is clear & colourless & the urates & faeces are well formed. There's just loads of it! The vet says to bring her back if I'm concerned & has made vague noises about behavioural polyuria. Diabetes has been ruled out, as has metal poisoning. Any ideas?
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