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  1. Yet another baby African Grey has escaped. It is 6 months old, clipped wings but owner said she "flew away" on the 5 March towards Mitcheldean. Any information or sightings please contact me or New Life Parrot Rescue ASAP. Thanks
  2. Has anyone lost a Lovebird in the Hammersmith Area please. The lady who has found him/her is only able to keep him for a week due to no pets allowed.
  3. Hi, I am confused by your ad. You have put that the Alexandrine was lost in Hatfield, Doncaster ? I did a search but it says there is no Hatfield in Doncaster ? Perhaps you would confirm where the bird was lost from. Thanks
  4. Hi Tory, Does Coco reek of garlic after eating them ?
  5. Hi rubytoo, Yes, it was several years ago now that Steve did his own mix. I can't for the life of me remember what it was called. It's such a shame that he gave this up, I know it was a lot of work for him to mix it all.
  6. So sorry to hear that Major is lost. Is he microchipped or rung. It is hard to think that one so young, still a baby would escape.
  7. Hi All, I agree with what everyone is saying, Tidymix has gone downhill, the parrot mix now is full of wheat and barley which I'm sure is not what the birds get in the wild. The label on the bags still say Garlic Sticks which is most annoying when they're not !! Lol, can't wait to hear the results of your experiment Calley, don't forget to post them in this forum. I too am looking for another supplier. I use to have one which Dietec did themselves, my kids loved it, but then Steve got involved with Rob Harvey Food and dropped his own mix.
  8. Once upon a time their Garlic Sticks smelled very strong, my birds loved them. However, now there is no smell at all. Does anyone have a recipe for making your own ? With ref to a topic about peanuts, I buy in bulk and the bags are full of them. Thanks
  9. Hello, Yes I have spoken to Jill and sadly it's not Phoenix. The other 2 links both come from Kent, I don't think it would be their bird. However, if you want to pass on a ring number for the one that is wearing a ring, we can verify for sure. Bear in mind, we don't physically have the bird, it is a sighting. Thanks
  10. 6th April 2011:Tame African Grey Parrot seen eating at garden bird tables in Hartford, nr the Essex border. The bird has a leg band. We have a few more details but will not divulge them. The rightful claimant must provide the necessary identification details. Please call our helpline on 01480 390040 if this is your bird or if you know anyone who has recently lost an escaped African grey parrot.
  11. Hello Jebirds, I totally agree with what you say. Wild birds should remain flying free, goes for the parrots too, they should not be caught from the wild and caged for the remainder of their lives. That's mankind for you. I will have a look at your pics later. It's lovely she has stayed close to your cottage so you can see she is alright bless her. Best Wishes Lorraine
  12. Hello Stephie, I'm afraid I don't know anymore details, other that what I posted at beg of this thread. Would you email Alison direct on birdlady@birdland.ukfsn.org as she will be the one to answer any questions. Thanks in advance Lorraine
  13. Thanks for your concern. I do hope Izzy is found bless him. I have emailed you. Thanks Lorraine
  14. Hi Folks, This isn't a parrot but I don't know where else to post him as being lost. We have received the following notification from South West Animal Protection:
  15. Hello Kleopatra, I am afraid I don't know the cause of death. We just received a call to let us know that someone had found the poor little grey dead and took him/her back to the owner. Owner was too devastated to tell us anymore. We have had some bitterly cold weather since the grey escaped so that could have been the cause. Everyone on the forum may think I am nuts but we all have to cope with all the birds that die whether they are our own or not. I firmly believe in the afterlife. All the animals that have to leave us are free of pain and happily waiting for our turn to be reunited with us again. Thank you everyone for caring. I will pass your kind remarks onto her when she is able to talk about it.
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