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  1. I feed Tidy Mix! I was looking at the Rob Harvey website a while back and looked at the stockist page but now I can't seem to find it (the stockist page) - is anyone able to point me in the right direction please?
  2. Just me being nosey! I feed Spooky Tidy Mix which after moving house I am find difficult to track down, although I know I can get it online. So anyone willing to share what they feed their Greys?
  3. I wasn't sure which forum to post this in so please feel free to move it if you feel it is in the wrong place. Years ago I went to a "Parrot Fair" - (not really a fair as such I just can't think of another word at the mo) in Esher Surrey. As far as I knew there were a couple a year held in different areas. Can anyone tell me if they are still held or point me in the direction of where I can find more info.
  4. Sorry guys - after a long absence I am back! On the lookout for a seed mix to feed Spooky he is an African Grey and is still eating Tidy Mix at the mo - any reccys please?
  5. Spooky really love pomegranates! Corn on the cob, rich tea biscuits, fish fingers and spaghetti!
  6. Thanks guys So the http://www.parrot-shop.com/ is Davids site too? Just having a browse and it says "If you are a Parrot-link subscriber (Chatty Member or Trader Member) then this is YOUR shop." I don't subscribe - can I still order? Thank you
  7. Are you about David? Just wondering if I were to order tomorrow when I could expect it to arrive here? Running low on Tidy Mix soooooooooooooooooooooooo. Edited To Add - the link you gave me originally isn't working - can you give me it again pleeeeeeeeeeease
  8. Ahh thank you. I thought that there was bound to be a simple explaination!
  9. Just had a quick look at the link - thank you. It looks like a great mix For some reason I thought that onions were toxic to parrots. It's seems quite a similar mix to Tidy Mix or is it not??!!?!?!?! LOL
  10. LOL thank you, I'll take a look.
  11. Morning all. Spooky my Grey is 8 now, he will be 9 in July. Ever since I have had him I have always fed Tidy Mix (amongst other stuff lol). I just wondered what others thought of Tidy Mix, if it was favoured or not? Spooky doesn't like sunflower seeds or peanuts!! Thank you
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