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  1. I would say this will be distressing for her, she may also be at risk of contracting an infection/disease from the other birds. Why is this woman saying she must be there a week? Boarders don't"t dictate a minimum stay.
  2. I'm so sorry to hear of your loses, I know how you feel as I've been in the same boat, I've recently had a couple of cockies and a budgie pass away , When parrot dies it's devastating as you expect them to live for years.
  3. Anyone who has more than a handful of birds will benefit from an air filter. Birds are dusty, some species more than others and some people are allergic to the dust and can"t even tolerate being in a room with one bird.
  4. I saw one fly by on Sunday but not seen one since, don't usually see any yet.
  5. Yes the pets at home cockatiel mix is better than wilkos, that loks more like wild bird seed. I'm not sure who pers at home get their seed from now, might be Bucktons. You should be able to get that spot on beaphar for birds in pets at home. You probably only need to do it the once. It's just soemthing I do for new birds. I cook some frozen mix veg in the microwave for mine, give them some chopped fruit as well, they love it. Just checking you do put in in a seperate dish to the seed?
  6. This was the advert, I emailed it to a friend so I had a copy. Just hope he went to a good home, gone in 3 hours. Cockatoo free to good home Here is out much lives family pet Charlie unfortunately we are moving abroad and just cant take him with us my kids love him so its abit of a shame, id like to visit his new home and prefer someone to have him who's owned a big parrot before d
  7. The advert had only been on about 24 mins when I put it on here.
  8. Came across this advert, very worrying to see a cockatoo being given away for free. If there's anyone here that could offer him a good home here's the details. http://www.gumtree.com/p/birds/cockatoo-free-to-good-home/1097395531 There's a landline as well from another advert. 01782 341491
  9. I reckon that must have been a hen budgie Milli they tend to bite and not let go! Word of warning over bites, I had to medicate one of my cockatiels last year for an injured foot, she isn't tame and bit me kind of on the base of the fingernail. Didn't really see a wound but It got infected, very painful red and swollen, tried medical peroxide 6% but it didn't work it couldn't get to the infection. Went to the doctors and had to have massive antibitoic capules 4 a day for 4 days, 2000mg a day!!! Be careful with bites, don't let them become infected.
  10. That's good to hear, glad things are better
  11. How's the situation going? There is something you coudld try, a light wing clip on the aggresive ones, not everyone will agree but it's better than rehoming or a vets bill. I'm not talking taking their flight away just slowing them down a bit. It often takes the aggresion away or reduces it.
  12. The bald patch is often something lutinos have, I wouldn't worry about it though. Glad he's setlting in and he's getting used to being handled.
  13. That's a really good post parrotalert, agree 100 %. I've also seen recently adverts posted from people who have rehomed their birds and very much regret it. Looking for the birds years later, lost touch with the people who had them or find they have been sold on again.
  14. Have they got their own room? or room for a really big cage. Just wondering if a large parrot cage/indoor avairy might be the answer, like a large flight cage, 6 foot long or something. Keep one group in that then swap them around and let the other ones out so they all have out time the cage is big enough so the others can see fly about well and play when they are in.
  15. Maybe you'd be better off misting him with a plant sprayer bottle. I find that to stop the bottle getting manky add a couple of drops of f10 disinfectant. Stops mould and bacteria forming in the plant sprayer bottle. He looks healthy, should think he'll be happier when he's in with the others. Something I always do with new birds is put a spot of ivermeticin on them. You can eith buy a bottle or just the beahpar spot on ones from a pet shop.
  16. Aww, he looks nice, how's he settling in? Hopefully the more handling he gets the less biting he'll do.
  17. No not local, I saw that as on pets4homes so thought I'd mention it. With cinnamon the hens seem to be a bit more cinnamon, the cock birds are more pale grey.
  18. He's what you call a cinnamon grey. The colours vary a lot, I've got a couple that are very dark grey like a charcoal grey. Look really good as a whiteface, very striking.
  19. I saw this on pets4homes.co.uk posted about a month ago so don't know if he's for sale still but they haven't taken off the advert. What he needs is company and other bird company, not being put in an avairy. If he's still for sale they might be happy to deliver. Contact the Seller Tamworth, Staffordshire Pets4Homes member since Oct 2014 Tel :01827730138 or :07528030747 Advert Description : I have a 10month male cockatiel that desperately needs to be in an aviary. He is very unhappy & very hormonal therefore aggressive, protective of his cage, nobody can get anywhere near the cage others he 'attacks' you. He was bought for my granddaughter as a well done for exceeding beyond all expectations in her SATS. She was SO looking forward to being able to train & play with him but cannot go anywhere near him. She wants another bird but wants RIO ( that's his name ) to be happy as she gets upset at not being able to talk to him as she used to. PLEASE, PLEASE give him a chance as he is a beautiful looking bird & will make wonderful babies. Many thanks for reading
  20. Maybe since the for sale ads on the site had to go some some people have lost interest, that was a useful area for some breeder., I notice alot of those people aren't around now.
  21. Conures don't seem to like the dark or being out in the dark, that's the only way I can get mine in, turn the light out and just have a bit of light comming in from outside the room, they fly to the cage and want to go in then
  22. Sounds like he's landed on his feet there, one lucky Too!
  23. That's a blast from the past. I actually saw him collapse on stage on the TV show. I think everyone thought it was an act then the curtain came down and they went to an ad break.
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