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  1. There is a semi tame yellow sided conure for £60 and a crimson tame for £280 both owners have told me that it will take time for bird to trust me so is it really worth me paying all that extra money for the crimson if I still have to tame it to trust me?
  2. Thanks, im just glad they are safe now, some people should not own animals if they are going to abandon them as soon as something goes wrong or if other commitments come along and they cant be bothered to make sure they end up in safe hands if they can no longer care for them.
  3. Hi guys they went to a rescue called A1 parrot rescue thsy have had medical attention and are now in a foster home
  4. Thanks guys I really hope I get them a home soon as I cant afford to pay out for medical treatment for them.
  5. Ok is it possible for people to spread the word? One needs urgent medical attention to his foot its swallen and has a digit missing. They were fed on small seed which I assume is budgie food?
  6. They come with a small cage so who ever takes them needs to already have a good sized cage. Both cant fly as they have had only one wing clipped :s
  7. They come with a small cage so who ever takes them needs to already have a good sized cage. Both cant fly as they have had only one wing clipped :s
  8. Hi I have been given two cockatiels aparently male and female both in bad shape. I cant keep them but didnt want to say no to the person because he was going to release them into his garden! Im in stanmore anyone know who would take them?
  9. Ok thanks guys, we did try get him a friend but he wasn't having any of it kept hissing and moving away from it so we rehomed the female to a friend who already had two and they get on really well. I guess my sisters on likes to be on it's own seeing as it's been used to living alone for 6 years.
  10. Hi a while ago I came on this forum and asked what the best parrot is for a family with young children. I don't remember what was said and im not too sure how to go back and view my previous posts. My sister was given a cockatiel about 6 years old all trained and shes so lovely she talks comes to you and just sits on you and is super easy to get back in to her cage but her squealing is unbearable when my niece walks out the room ( she loves her) its so high pitch it hurts my ears, so as much as I would love a cockatiel I want a parrot which doesn't have such a high loud squeal. I hear kakarikis have a quiet voice? but I was looking more into something intelligent like a conure or larger in size? any suggestions? I will be home most of the time so the bird would be out for at least 6 hours or more a day.
  11. Are they friendly like the mayers?
  12. Someone I know is,selling them 5month old breeding pair. Are they a friendly breed?
  13. Ok thanks guys, how often do you clean them out? Some birds are messier than others or like to throw food/water everywhere. Also are there any rescues around I would prefee getting one who needs a home rather than getting one thats been bred to go to a home if that makes sense?
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