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  1. Elderberries?? I take it ripe are ok? Mine enjoy having a branch of them hung up,Ed especially loves them, in fact this time of year I collect stuff when walking the dogs, eg blackberries,rosehips,sloes and elderberries, I've always done this for the last 6 yrs so hopefully ok.
  2. Thank you ;)I have Ed a bf Amazon who is now about 7 yrs old,(I had him at 6 months) and Milo,cag,who is about 6,he's been with me since he was tiny
  3. Hello,!! I am determined I am back for good, I've not been on any forums for a very long while,I've missed you all!! I still have Ed and Milo of course Thought I'd better post in newbies as I'm an old newbie, Now then what have I missed
  4. Ha ha great pic,My cag Milo is a" phoneaholic", he constantly does the ring tone "answers" it then has a conversation, however if he's sitting on me when I answer the phone he'll nip me(only time he ever does),given the chance any phone is thrown on the floor, after removing the buttons :x I've given him old phones but he has no interest at all in them. I reckon its because he hates my attention being taken away from him whilst I'm talking. Keyboards are the same, if its a keyboard I use he'll demolish it, but give him his own and he's not interested!!
  5. Hi Jenny nice to hear from you, Cant believe its 4 years We 're all well thanks,glad you and yours are doing well. Have to keep in touch
  6. Hi again, Milo is cag,now 5yrs old, had him at about 12 wks or so (cant remember now!!) from prozaclil, ed is bf amazon I bought him at 6mths old in 2004 he had not been looked after very well,when I say that,i mean, he had his food etc,but was not handled or given the little luxuries(or necessities in life) a parrot should be accustomed to)!!My two accompany me about my daily duties where possible, have free access to their outside avairy, and generally run the household :roll: , including 7 dogs, 2 cats, and many outside animals they abuse verbally from their aviary!!So thats about it really, they are VIP's and we are very honoured to have them!!!
  7. Not been on here for yonks and yonks!!Dont know why really ,just been busy getting on with life I suppose Still have Ed and Milo who still rule my life They are adorable rogues, Milo's language is very questionable :oops: ,Ed is very well mannered. Hope to keep a bit more up to speed on the forum from now on
  8. Well they really are up and down with these hormones! last night Ed wanted to be on me constantly, and didn't bite me once, he spent most of the night sitting on me!! (I must admit I was a bit wary at first wondering what bit of me he was planning to puncture next but bless him he loved his mummy last night, he's normal today business as usual it would appear, I haven't shed any blood at all today!! wonder what tomorrow will bring!!
  9. Glad dogs don't go thro the same thing I've got 7 I'd be mauled to shreds!!! Just another thought, do males and females go thro the same "hormonal glitch"? I havent had Ed sexed so not really sure if he's edward or Edwina!!
  10. Thanks, i kind of knew it was his hormones,just wanted to check with you folks that I wasn't doing something to cause it. He had another "go" at me this morning, when I'd left the cupboard door open and he was shredding the flour bag when I went to get him out, he came but flew at my face,luckily didn't connect just have to get a helmet and faceguard to wear round the house!! Just puzzled as to why its only me he shows this aggression to? He'll likely have another go in a minute as I have to fetch him to put them in their room(dining room where their cage is) Don't lock them in they have free access to their outside aviary,as I have to go out for an hour, he'll come on me when asked but prob have a bite when he's om my shoulder comin down stairs(he's on the landing windowsill at the moment) Oh the joys of parrots!!!
  11. Hi Folks havent posted on here in a while! Recap for you I have Ed 3r old b/f Amazon and Milo 2yr.old cag. My problem is with Ed, he has become very nasty towards me, he has never been particularly good at being handled,however, since I had him (at approx 6mths) he is much better( he hadn't been handled at all when I had him) Last few weeks he has become particularly nasty to me last week he flew off the top of the wardrobe when I called him and proceeded to take a chunk out of my neck!! He has been doing similar things, having a bite and getting really excited about it!! its not a "fear" bite, he is actually enjoying it!!Today, he actually flew at me, and has left 2 nasty cuts on my eyelid, narrowly missing my eyeball!! He and Milo are free to fly round the house, and are usually to be found in whatever room I happen to be in, He treats other members of family as he always has. its just me!I do all feeding etc and am at home with them all day. Is it hormonal is he TOO spoiled ie too much freedom? Is he jealous of Milo,although they get on very well. I'm at a loss but its getting to the stage where I'm afraid to have him on me in case he takes a chunk again!! :x Would appreciate any advice, Thanks
  12. damienbailey


    I lost my best friend back in June he was a german shepherd and would have been 13 this september, He was with me constantly and has been by my side thro a lot of tough times. Didn't think I'd ever be able to carry on without him despite having another 2 dogs! I've since given a home to another gsd,who was desperate 5yr.old Ben,along with his "sister 8yr old pyranean, So Brogans death wasn't in vain >I adore all my dogs (now 5 of them) but Brogan will always have a bit of my heart all to himself.
  13. Thanks have passed message on to owners, think they have done pretty much all that,just a case of keeping it high pofile I guess.
  14. Sadly no news on this dog, his owners have contacted Alfies lost dogs who have been extremely helpful,posters up everywhere and local radio informed. Just please be aware if you see a new dog of this type in your area.Thanks for help and suggestions so far, Carol
  15. Hi Can everyone please keep their eyes open for a shar pei which has been stolen from a friends garden. We are located in Hereford. Henry is an adult castrated male. He is much loved and his owners are frantic with worry(btw he is fawn in colour)He was in the garden with their other dog an english bull terrier and we suspect they may have been after him as well. The police have been informed (fat lot of use that was!!) and dog lost sites on web, posters are being printed as we speak, he could be anywhere by now so please if one suddenly appears,find out from whence if poss. Thanks, Carol
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