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  1. Many thanks for all your comments, I'll take them on board and monitor it as you say Thanks once again Chris
  2. Hi Everyone Honey is a Yellow Thighed Caique, she's about 8 months old About a week ago she was hanging upside down from a toy playing away and it seemed like her wing suddenly angered her. She shouted at it and bite it a few times Now once in a while, several times a day she will turn and attack her wings, not drawing blood but it’s an attack that’s for sure Anyone else had anything similar? Any ideas why, or ideas on how to stop her? Many thanks for your help Chris
  3. Sorry I haven't been back on here in a while, football is a crazy world to be in, sometimes we are under a lot of pressure at work Thanks for your help, Honey is settling down (as much as a Caigue is going to We have a lot of toys now, some noisy , some chewable, balls and bells etc Also, thanks Net, when she has a bath now she loves surfing on a towel Hope you like the3 new pics https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/gallery/album/29-surf-dry/ Chris
  4. Coach

    Surf Dry

    Thanks to Net, Honey now surfs dry after a bath
  5. Hi Net Thank you, much appreciated I put a little warm water in the sink, put a cloth so she can walk and not slip and let her in, usually she is fine, runs around, occasionally flicking water on her back, then when she comes out she enjoys being wrapped in a towel for a few seconds I did the same as always but for some reason she was having none of it today lol I had a Moluccan Cockatoo many years ago who was a treat, so sweet and cuddle. Of course we knew we were letting ourselves into a completely different one with a Caique at the same time I know this behaviour at the moment isn't acceptable, even for her Need to get it right before the hormones kick in, by then I could have a teenage girl and a hormonal caique, add a wife to that and I can see myself working longer and longer hours lol
  6. Update Well, I went out and bought new toys with bells and anything I could find that made a noise, she settled down and was very busy for a few days with the new toys and was really active as always which was great She gets told off for biting and we thought she was settling back down, then the last couple of days (the toys have not been in a week yet) she has started to become stroppy again, refusing to have a bath (something she likes normally) and biting when she doesn’t get her way When she does bite she gets told very firmly NO, and she stops, looks at you and calms down, then goes back to whatever it was she was doing She also gets lots of praise and “good girl” when she is good She has a good varied diet of a quality seed mix, apple, pear, pomegranate, strawberries, peppers, carrot, and lychee Is there anything else I am missing here? Thanks for any help you can offer Chris
  7. Coach


    yes, I wrap her in it and she has a good play
  8. Thank you, I'm on the right lines then, I'll get a couple more toys and see how it goes Thanks very much Chris
  9. Hiya, here is my first post, I have a 6 month old female Yellow Thighed Caique called Honey We went away for 10 days and took her to a well-known local bird vet who does boarding, they had 6 other parrots staying whilst Honey was there When we picked her up she was a little tatty looking but welcomed seeing us all We took her out and she was a little “wild” but we put that down to “missing us” (me, wife and two children aged 8 and 11) That was a week ago today and she is still the same, as soon as she sees anything move (fingers, toes etc.) she dives at them, grabs hold and doesn’t let go, she doesn’t bite, it’s not hard but she just grips, she has never been one to sit and have a cuddle, but this is hard to know what to do. Will she settle back down, is there a reason she has turned into what looks like a hunter, will this cause problems further down the line? Before she would spend half an hour out exploring everything within reach, not really travel far from us and eventually settle back down and have a cuddle, I’d like her back to this, is it possible? Please can anyone advice what we should do to help her?
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