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  1. jennifer

    Boarding in Leeds (or surrounding area)

    hi bill just messaged you
  2. jennifer

    our little ollie has got a bold patch

    thanks ill try that ill go to pet shop in morning for some wood chewy things will his feathers from under his wings grow back do you know,also my husband wont to get another conure to introduce into the house I was wondering if anyone else has successlfully added a new adition to there little one and they have got on fine
  3. jennifer

    our little ollie has got a bold patch

    took him to the vet tonight and vet said he doesn't have mites that a good thing he said because hes 2 yrs old he could be sexually frustrated or just a bit distressed only thing I can think of that happened 2 days ago was I took his bed out to wash and also we have birds nesting in the guttering its mind boggling,The vet said to try and distract him when hes pulling at feathers and hopefully he will stop but has for the missing feathers I hope they will grow back soon hes gone from a pretty conure to a new born with no feathers lol
  4. jennifer

    our little ollie has got a bold patch

    hes a green cheek conure
  5. hi all our little Ollie is nearly 2 years old,He is fit and well playing eating,his poo is normal but the last 2 days after he had his last bath under his wings on both sides he has got a bald patch under wing,We have checked the skin and its normal pink colour no blood spots or anything else just pure pink on checking his cage the feathers that have come out,are very scruffy grey ones with a bit of colour at the end,all the feathers are the same scruffy grey at the tip where the feather has come out,Im hoping this is just old nasty feathers that are coming out and nothing else to be conserved about.
  6. hi all im away this month after the 24th is there any one in leeds area that could lok after our green cheek conure hes 1 year old
  7. hi all we have a 1yr old green cheek conure and we know how sometimes familys cant look after them whilst you go away but im in leeds moortown area west Yorkshire so if any one needs there little family member looking after just let me know all we ask is that you can bring them in there cage so they don't feel upset and still in there own comfort zone, with all there normal toys etc let me know,