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  1. How's all your birds coping with the heat. Charlie is loving the outdoors
  2. In the wild doves are on there own from about 2 weeks old I couldn't believe how fast they grewup
  3. Haha they a day old Muscovy ducks in garden makes me laff that pic when I look at it.
  4. And they about 3 or 4 weeks old there just before they went outside
  5. Yes haha they were really ugly . I had some ducks last year that had 9 babies in my garden and they were really cute ill show them aswell
  6. That was when I first brought them in they lived in a old freezer draw filled with tishoo didn't think they'd survive ..
  7. So do you breed your parrots I hand raised some doves from 1 week old a couple of months ago I still have them they fly free now but rarely leave my garden just stay around the roofs and live in a dove cote I had made .. Used to feed them weetAbix from a srynge was hard work didn't think they would live
  8. They really nice looking parrots can they talk
  9. That's Charlie today sunbathing haha and roobs how's you
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