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  1. Hello, a few years ago I moved out of London to Waltham Cross, south Hertfordshire, but during this time I kept going to my previous vet in Leyton as he's really good. However now my cockatiel is getting older and in the meantime I became a dad so it's now difficult / not ideal to have a 40+ minutes journey, especially during the cold season. Does anyone here happen to know a good avian vet around my area in Hertfordshire? I contacted / found a couple but they both do not seem to accept new clients. Many thanks
  2. Hello there, just a quick update: I moved in London at the end of March and then at the end of May rented a car and went to Italy and back with my cockatiel ;-) It has been a long journey but we made it We had no problems with the landlord and I've found also a good vet. bye, John.
  3. Hello, thanks for your answer. About leaving my country, there shouldn't be any problem as there are no check at all until the UK border. I was thinking of travelling by car cause by train and flight it is very difficult (they don't generally allow pets). While by car the problem would be to go through the English Channel by car (on a train if I'm right) or by ferry. If I'd go to ferry I'd have to stay in the car with him I guess.. while if I go on the channel tunnel I hope there is no pollution / smog or heavy noise that can "intoxicate" / scary him. What do you think? Thanks. bye, John.
  4. Hi! Thank you all for your answers!! From what I've understood it is really a matter of finding the right landlord and I'm happy that it is more easy for a cockatiel than for a pet like a dog or a cat. Also I'm coming from abroad EU and I hope there won't be any problems at the customs nor any quarantine period; this is the answer I've got from defra.gov.uk: So I should be fine but if you have more information on this topic please let me know! Thanks. bye, John.
  5. Hello everybody; I'm new to this forum so I'll use this message also to introduce myself. I've an almost 10 years old cockatiel and I'm now planning to move to London. I sometime let him fly, when I'm with him, inside the room and I spend some time with him when changing his seeds and water. Unfortunately when I took him I didn't used him to eat also fruit and vegetables but I'd like to make another try as I manage to move cause for now I do give him vitamins especially for the winter. Now, my main doubt about moving to London is related to the fact that I saw many announcements for apartments/flats that states "no pets" and even if I'm been told that there should be fewer problems with a (caged) bird, I'd like to hear from the one of you living in London, some direct experience. I hope it won't take me months to find a place where I can keep him with me. He is not noisy also cause last year he lost a bit his "voice" after being sick for a period (had to treat him with antibiotics) Please let me know what do you think / share you experience. Thanks a lot. Bye, John.
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