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  1. Hello, i currently own two lovely African Grey parrots (Lago and Jasmine, kids loved Disney but they have now flown the nest) the last 3 years they have started to bred with great success. I also have a friend who wants to sell their African Grey's who has been breeding as a hobby for the past few years. I have a medium sized aviary at the end of my garden which can house all four parrots but i need to know who i am required to tell that i am breeding, as i would like to start my own business and start getting the paperwork done before i look into buying any more parrots, and upgrading my aviary (or even getting a new one). I don't want some one knocking on my door and taking them away. Do i need to register with DEFRA, local concil or anyone like that as the information on the internet is very vague and i am not the most computer iterate person out there (my son popped round to help me register on this site). Thank You
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