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  1. Hello and welcome Sounds like you have alot of birides Look forward to seeing some piccys Zoe x
  2. Hi, im new myself so spend more time reading posts than posting myself. Welcome back Zoe x
  3. What a good read http://www.dietecuk.co.uk/orlux-clay-bloc-amazon-river-550g?filter_name=clay is this the product your all talking about?
  4. Oh i thought grapes were ok if it was only once in a blue moon kind of treat. Lucky i ate them all then, no more for smokey Today i gave him some of the bean mix with some mashed carrot and butternut squash AND one cube of harrisons so he gets used to them being where ever he goes. Im really excited as he ate half of it He got so much praise he nearly fell off his bowl lol Ive been having a look through the food area which reminded me ive got a vegetable broth mix sat soaking since yesterday, so il give him some of that tonight and il keep on with the peas and sweetcorn combo
  5. When you say the nuts in shells do you mean the monkey nuts? Ive not given them to him I have tried peas and sweetcorn a few times and his not interested in that either. But il keep trying, i refuse to let my little man be a seed junkie who is scared of vegetables Tonight he didnt eat anything out of his bowl, he just sat throwing it out. He hasnt had any fruit for a few days so i treated him to a grape which he enjoyed. So i put a selection of fruit on a kebab stick and he went mental and had a birdie trantrum. Thank you little als mum. I wasnt sure if i should put them out for the wild birds as they will have young in nests at the moment and thought they may be a little too big. I have a box on my window i put food in and on my suet bag it says not to use spring-summer due to birds rearing young and it could choke them, so ive just been putting a mealworm and shrimp mix in the box They love it
  6. We are quite lucky and smokey doesnt get much time to himself lol I work different hours Sunday-Monday 6am -10am and then Tuesday-Thursday 6am-2pm and the odd friday 6am-10am. James doesnt leave the house till 9am and only does mon-fri (lucky git) We have a routine other wise ide forget to do something lol James does the morning thing of uncovering smokeys cage, food water etc. I come home and let him out and his out all day then. We then have our routine of eating dinner together, then his newspaper in the bottom of the cage is changed and he gets his seed back in the cage and fresh water. He will get a shower from a spray bottle with added Aloe Vera juice every other evening. He then goes in his cage around 8.30pm and we aim to have his cage coverd by 9pm.
  7. I thought ide take a picture of the food he came with. We have removed about 90% of the sunflower seeds and they will go in the bin. Ive no idea what seed it is, but it has a very strong aniseed smell to it. Ive been putting a small amout in his bowl but putting harrisons in with it but he hasnt attempted the harrisons still So far we have found he likes mashed sweet potato, mashed butternut squash, quinoa, long grain & wild rice, Bulgar wheat and couscous with abit of linseed and ive crushed a few harrison cubes in with it. He also seems to like when i add mixed beans aswell. He didnt mind Pomegranate for a few seconds then it got thrown at me lol Other than the above he doesnt seem to like anything. Every evening i put a mix of raw and cooked vegetables in his food bowl but his never impressed. The chop mix i did for him he will only pick out the sweet potato lol As he seems to like mashed foods tonight im going to mash parsnip and carrot and see how that goes down. Ive also picked a few things up from holland & barret today that are soaking ready to be sprouted His new cage is up and full of toys, ive placed a nice big walnut on the top to tempt him over to it lol Here is his current cage he came in and his new cage
  8. He is a good looking chap isnt he We are taking away his seed at some point today and replacing it with Harrisons. I dont think its going to go down too well with him He seems to like mashed sweet potato, so thats a start i suppose. Oh blimey mixing websites with facebook, that just confuses me lol Ive only just started using aps on my mobile. You wouldnt think i was 31, i think my 80 year old nans more up on technology than me lol
  9. Hi everyone Forgot i signed up here as i tend to spend my days on facebook only. But checked my emails and saw there was one from here. I have to say i havent had a mooch around much yet but im loving the new layout, and how i can have the forum to look how i want colourwise, im a girl so opted for the pink and purple look Well, last time i was here ide been looking for another african grey for a few months. Finally last week we picked up our new boy His 17-18 years old (previous owner didnt know much about him at all) and his called Smokey He doesnt have a clue what vegetables are and has been eating nothing but seed, but we have been offering chop all week and his had a little taster of a few bits. Smokey checking out his new home from the safety of his travel cage
  10. seen this kicking about facebook, did make me laugh. I dont think he likes the bread personally lol
  11. haha i joined up ages ago when i was joining as many forums as i could with my mission of knowledge, but i forgot ide signed up
  12. how many...did you just say 60 ..!! How on earth do you cope with so many
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