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  1. bonner

    jenday conures

    can you visually sex jenday conures? or does it all come down to DNA, and are they really noisy and destructive as everyone says.
  2. bonner

    hospital cage

    sorry,tried to delete this as its not in the correct place
  3. bonner

    hospital cage

    What is the easiest way to make a hospital cage,what heat source do i use,box size,ventilation,anything you can tell to help me or even where i could buy one without remortgaging
  4. bonner

    unusual coloured conure

    Just back on this site after a very bad accident and seen your replies,yes it is a very interesting bird and would love to here how,why,chances of another etc gary? i'm totally intrigued?
  5. bonner

    unusual coloured conure

    I will go along this week and get one
  6. Why can't i start a new topic on some parts of the site
  7. bonner

    unusual coloured conure

    I have a friend who has bred a very strange coloured conure,mostly yellow,pale beak and legs,i think red in its tail,the only one like it in the nest of 4. It came out of a pairing of pineapple splits,Any ideas on what it could be or who to contact for more info?thanks
  8. bonner

    conures diet

    thanks rubytoo,i'm away to look at that website.
  9. bonner

    conures diet

    Needing advice on what good mixes and brands of seed to feed conures?
  10. What does conure breeders feed their birds,any special named mixes or staple diet you can buy online,or is it best to mix your own?
  11. What type of conure is on the front cover of the feb addition of the parrot society magazine?