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  1. Personally I would use the straw based Bedsoft. Tends to be a little less dusty and its a little more environmentally sound.
  2. The fatuous group perks set up seems to be infested with pseudonymous profiles...
  3. Is there a table or a chair you could pop out for him to shelter under?
  4. I agree. In light of recent events I would be interested to read peoples views.
  5. Im not particularly bothered about protecting people from their own stupidity, other people and animals should be protected from it though :-P
  6. Does anyone know if the RSPCA have a stated euthanasia policy? Or any form of documentation or governance that covers when they use euthanasia?
  7. Menopausal? Not something I've ever been accused of being, so I'll assume it wasn't directed at me. Can we tone down the ridiculous misogyny?
  8. Incidentally, the same approach as many parrot care supporters took when it was clear so much was wrong. Do you think the NPZ is trying to claw back donations?
  9. There's a very similar pattern in babble from supporters of the NPZ an interesting tendency towards generally just being rude
  10. As far as the deaths related to freezing temps and lack of provision for such conditions, to say that this is the central principle of the dislike of the NPZ is a gross oversimplification. Those deaths were one symptom of a care paradigm that doesn't take into account the behavioural needs, biosecurity, health care, dietary needs etc. Etc. Covered by the worst kind of pseudoscience. It is almost a twisted parody of the rack 'em and stack 'em philosophy zoos took up until the 60's to shake free of.
  11. I have to agree a bit of transparency and less of the stupid point scoring would be lovely.
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