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  1. This information and advice really is very helpful... I really do appreciate your help guys
  2. Thanks once again guys... It is certainly something I am going to have to think alot more about. The last thing I want to end up with is an unhappy Parrot, but I also do not want to end up with 2 parrots that have bonded to each other and have no interest in any interaction with me. Plus the extra cost of an extra Parrot isn't great! Not that I disagree with anything any of you have said (I don't have the right or the knowledge to disagree with you!) infact I completely agree with you all... but I have read that (and again, this is alot based on reading about Senegals) provided the Parrot is left with plenty of toys to play with, that plenty of interaction is given to them when you are home and maybe even the low volume of a radio or a TV is left on then a lone Parrot will be fine left home alone. How true or how likely this is I don't know? And I guess that alot depends on the nature of the bird. But who knows what will happen.... I might even end up moving so close to my place of work that it won't be a problem at all as I will be able to pop home to check on him/her a couple of times through the day
  3. Thanks to you both for the advice.... To be honest, I haven't really given alot of thought to having more than 1! The only thing I would ask about that is.... would having more than one effect the way they 'bond' with me?
  4. Hello again everyone! As some of you have read in the thread I posted in the introductions section, I am beginning to research/plan owning my first parrot. In the near future, I will be moving into my own house for the first time (I am 22). I will be living alone and can think of nothing nicer than having a Parrot as company (and, entertainment of course ). Realistically, it won't be anytime soon I will actually be looking to buy a parrot, but when the time does come, I want to be 100% sure what I want to get and that I can will be able to look after it properly. So, my first question is, what type of parrot should I be looking at? I am fairly positive, through previous research, that a smaller parrot will be best for me (I have been reading alot on Senegals? conures?). I work a full time job 5 days a week, so will be out of the house most of the day (a usual working day I would be out of the house from 8:00am until about 5:30pm.) So a Parrot that isn't going to get too stressed by being left alone for this amount of time. Ideally I would want a Parrot that isn't going to be so loud that neighbours get annoyed by it. Most importantly though, is that the bird is likely going to be friendly and enjoy alot of interaction with me. I understand that each Parrot has its own personality, but are there types of Parrot that tend to be friendlier and "cuddlier" that others? So, based on this, is there a type of Parrot that you would say would suit me the best? also, Strangely enough, I have never interacted with a parrot of any kind. I have seen a few of the larger parrots before in a garden center pet shop, but I have never seen, to my knowledge, one of the smaller types of parrot that I would be looking at getting. Where, if anywhere, would I go to see all different types of Parrot in real life? considering that I live in Milton Keynes? I'm sorry to ramble on but thank you in advance for any help and advice you can give me (oh, and sorry if I have posted in the wrong section..... it seemed the best place for this to be asked!)
  5. Thank you all for the kind welcomes! it is so nice that there is a community of Parrot lovers! Be prepared for me asking question after question after question over the coming months
  6. Thank you Marion.... how silly of me, of course you are right
  7. Hi all I thought i would give a quick introduction to myself and why I am here.... My name is Tom. I am 22 years old and live in Milton Keynes. Parrot-wise, I am a complete newbie! I have never owned one, but am hoping that in the near future, I can change that! and this is mainly the reason why I am here. In the not too distant future I will be moving into my own house for the first time. I will be living on my own, so will certainly find some space for a feathered companion For ages now I have been falling in love with the idea of owning my own parrot and have therefore been researching the idea tirelessly! I have been fairly convinced that the parrot that is going to be best for me is a senegal parrot, but I am certainly open to be convinced otherwise! So I have joined up on here to begin asking a few questions that will no doubt crop up during my further research into owning a parrot and... hopefully... it won't be long before I'm posting pictures of my new pet bird I really look forward to joining into conversations and hearing from you all! Tom
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