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    No birds but Hi

    Quakers & Pionus might be possibilities from what I've heard of . the noise factor varies with individuals , and with how the keeper percieves how much noise they can make And that's particully so for a minature parrot I'm about to suggest as some are very quiet but there are a few that are real screamers . But if you don't want them to breed I'd suggest a couple of males the bird is this one https://www.thesprucepets.com/lineolated-parakeets-as-pets-390919
  2. stormbird

    No birds but Hi

    In that case a few suggestion would be Green cheeked Conure or maybe an African parrot either Senegal or Meyers might be worth looking at
  3. stormbird

    No birds but Hi

    hi you say your looking to find what sort of parrot would suit your home but do you mean psittacine ( parrot like bird) as that extends the scope of what you might be looking for ? As for having a bird suitable for your home which as you say is in your mothers house that would to a degree depend on what/where you envisage keeping said parrot This being compounded by your reference to a leopard Gecko being housed in a vocation (could that be some type of vivarium ? ) but then f rom your comments I seem to deduce that your contact with said gecko is limited but why is that ? Most keepers of them that I know of tend to interact with them , as I did with the related fat tailed Gecko when I kept them . As for care sheets contradicting each other that can be down to the different behaviour of actual species . Also Pet keepers & Breeders do not always agree over how their birds should be kept and what seems the best scenario for a pet birds has confused many a pet keeper when they've taken up breeding , not realising that too much of a good thing can be contraindicated when breeding But if your serious about keeping a parrot perhaps a good read of some of the topics on this site , folowed by asking specific questions about individual species , or inf that your finding difficult to grasp might be the b est way forward
  4. stormbird

    Ideal perch thicknesses for parrots

    If you want to use dowling I'd reccomend using reeded dowel as that allows them a better grip& exercises their feet . As for size this site which I use mainly for sanded perches reccomends 30mm for Greys https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/treetop123david/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= One drawback to using doweling is that most is made from softwood & is liable to be chewed through @ frequent intervals
  5. stormbird

    Avian Vet, south Hertfordshire?

    the Parrot Soc. list this one for Herts https://www.bishopsvet.co.uk/ But google do list a few more
  6. stormbird

    Help with sprouting

    Sprouted seed is sprouted seed no matter how long it takes to sprout , as long as it's well rinsed it should be OK
  7. stormbird


    Hi & welcome back A little tip with your problem bird -- watch his eyes whem handling him , if the pupil size changes & the eye ball starts rolling -- back off as that's a sure sign of a mood change
  8. Yes mainly Budgies but I have a few others including Titch the fiery shouldered Conure on my profile who is one I bred but sadly I nolonger have her parents , . But the collection is not limited to psittacines , and I recently had a pair of Burnished Buff Tanagers raise a youngster .
  9. stormbird

    purpose of Forum

    Well the forum is up & running but why has it been resurected ? yes there have been a few posts but the silence inbetween is deafening ! In fact it's quieter on here now than before it shut down , so was there a point in restarting it ?
  10. is it this one LOST: INDIAN RINGNECK PARAKEET - 2018-11-06 Location: Oldham, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom, UK Provided by www.parrotalert.com - Can you help? LOST INDIAN RINGNECK PARAKEET Oldham,
  11. stormbird

    purpose of Forum

    very true about information but as admin says it requires a few people chatti ng to keep a foru m alive sadly somethi ng those on another forum I use need to appreciate as it's slowly dieing from lack of use
  12. stormbird

    Nose blood my Macaw

    Sorry only just seen this & of course it's a Sunday . If it's stil oozing it will be irritating & may even be affecting her breathing . If it was one of my birds I'd probably look to see if I could resolve the problem . But as your asking for advice I guess you need help & that would be best from a vet Any blockage needs clearing , & the bleeding point(s) need cauterising which should settle her , but that's best done by the vet if your uncertain what to do
  13. stormbird

    Very smelly Poop

    When you need Vet help any Vet is better than no help . Talk to your local Vet or phone the nearest Avian vet & talk to them . |Explain about the droppings & ask how best to get them tested . All you need is a sterile container for fresh droppings from each of the birds requiring testing , a postal packet & the address of a suitable Testing Laboratory .
  14. Don't know if any of the info on this topic is valid https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/topic/28913-reunited-eclectus-bythorn-cambridgeshire-now-found/?tab=comments#comment-309977
  15. Unfortuneately there are no simple solutions
  16. this might help https://theparrotsocietyuk.org/site/files/resources/guide-to-parrot-registration.pdf
  17. that used to be OK and still is for many species , but now that Grey's are CITES listed a few are having problems if they require paperwork
  18. If it's the Kleo who used to be on here last location is down as Cambs. but has not visited the site si nce it was resurrected , but perhaps somebody will get her to contact you
  19. stormbird

    Horny boys

    What you describe sounds more like domination tactics & you need to be firm with him . No has to mean no & he has to go in his cage if he disobeys , & when he comes out make it clear that he has to behave or he goes back in
  20. stormbird

    Horny boys

    A difficult subject to reply on , but it would help to know how he reacts with the other birds as that might give more clues as to how to tackle the issue
  21. Depends on the size of your flock & how much storage space you've got ! I've over 100Kg of bird food arriving tomorrow & I'll b e ordering more before Xmas
  22. Xmas ? is that the time of year when I have to order extra food so that I don't run out of rations for the feathered hooligans ?
  23. stormbird

    Very Quiet

    think it depends on which species of birds are being talked of . The Waxbill Finch Society has been growing it's membership , & there seems to be a growing number of young Budgie keepers . But Conservation issues have been giving Parrot keeping a bad rep although there are stil those who want hybrids around
  24. stormbird

    Very Quiet

    you might be correct about newbies . But it would be interesting to know why folk have asked for the forum to be resurrected yet don't seem to be posting
  25. stormbird

    John Hayward of the UK's National Theft Register

    think that might be the 20$ question ! Ideally it needs a former Wildlife crime officer who would have knowledge of John's contacts to replace him . But I doubt many would have John's avian knowledge