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  1. stormbird

    Cage Tray Newspaper lining substitute?

    I use this in some of my cage bottoms https://www.supapets-online.co.uk/plastic-breeding-cages-and-accessories/490-absorbent-cage-papers-400-pack.html
  2. stormbird

    Great news

    think it depends on what species / varieties of birds you keep/ breed as I've mixed reports from breeders of other avian species . Waxbill breeders particularly have had variable results depending on what species they keep with some hasving excellent results whilest those with other species have had poor results I' ve bred Burnished Buf Tanagers for 1st time this year with one chick flyi ng & hopefully more in nest
  3. stormbird

    Great news

    hi Graham what prompted the change ? Ive not kept Kaks but I understand they are a bit different to keep compared to other psittacines
  4. stormbird

    John Hayward

    I've had confirmation of John Haywards death from Les Rance As to what is happening to the lost & found service that apparently is down to his family,as it was his own business contracted to the PS,& they are being allowed time to mourn his passing before anything is done re the site
  5. stormbird

    John Hayward

    I've messaged Les Rance for clarification
  6. stormbird

    John Hayward

    It certainly will be he was great to talk to . Strange though that the lost & found web page on the PSUK web site is still saying to contact him as although he had a couple of helpers answering phone most of the actual work was done by himself
  7. stormbird

    John Hayward

    nothing on the PSUK website ! Was it not his partner that has died a few weeks ago ?
  8. I'm currently giving my Conure Ptrmium Parrot Super Brunch from Jungle gold along with fresh fruit
  9. stormbird

    Newbie saying hello

    Sounds as if you've done some good research and no doubt your previous experience with a sengal has influenced you .. But did your research include the senegal's less commonly kept cousin the Meyer's parrot ? some say they are even better as pets !
  10. stormbird

    Newbie saying hello

    Hi Leanne and welcome . I'm not sure which Amazons you've been looking at but most of the more common ones are a similar size to CAGs and can be more hormonal ! If you like the Greys , have you considered their close relative the Timeneh Grey which is much smaller ? Ringnecks don't make good cage birds although some manage to keep them as cage birds If you like the shape of a parakeet perhaps you should look at the conures from South America , but a word of caution the Conures are split into 2 main groups . The Aratingas which are brightly coloured BUT are very vocal , and the Pyhurras or scaly breasted Conures . which have more muted colours and not as loud as their Aratinga cousins . However the Green Cheeked which comes from the Pyhurra group is very popular and comes in several different colour mutations
  11. stormbird

    Hi Everyone

    hi and welcome ! Parrotlets are best fed a low sunflower small seed mix I use a a grass parakeet mix from Junglegold , but members od the Parrotlet Interest group based on facebook & affiliated to the Parrot Society use a variety of similar mixes . They should also be given a mixture of fruit & veggies just as the Conure gets
  12. stormbird

    Hi Everyone

    have a look http://www.theparrotsocietyuk.org/veterinary-advice/avian-vets those listed for Yorks. all have a good reputation as does Byron's in Nottingham not heard anything about other 2 in Notts.
  13. stormbird

    Humans becoming allergic to parrots,

    Of course as a trader you do not want to accept that people can become allergic to the dander from parrots but facts are facts , And there is an increasing amount of people suffuring from allergies and the talc from bird feathers is very prone to trigger allergies in those suceptable to such problems . And parrot feathers tend to produce more talc than other avian groups
  14. stormbird

    What is the best food for Conure?

    kept and bred many Conures Green Parrot ? As in the wild seeds are part of their diet! As for Aflotoxin as you say it is associated with fungal infection and is a cause of Aspergillosis a difficult infection to cure
  15. Rather than look for a ready made cage why don't you get a custom made one ? try http://www.avifabs.co.uk/ http://www.rosemeadaviaries.co.uk/