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  1. hi claytonfarlow thanks for the info i think this is a lesser as it has lots more orange and yellow in it
  2. hi fuzz sorry for the late reply ive named him charlie
  3. thanks david i have just ordered some of that i hope he likes it here and stops his plucking
  4. thanks i will keep you updated i have bought some bucktons parrot mix will that be ok for him i will be given him fruit and veg aswell
  5. thanks marion ive put lots of wooden toys in his cage i will get him more tomorow he is alot happier than when i got him alot more active
  6. the previous owner told me he was a party conure and to feed him parrot mix but ive been given him fruit and parrot mix i paid £75 for him with a cage is that about right for a jardine parrot
  7. thanks david ive just been on youtube looking at jardine parrots and he is exactly the same as some on there is there anything i can do for the feathers to grow back
  8. i dont know ive only had him a week but got told he was 4 years old he is plucked on the chest and back but you can see orange feathers comming back out.
  9. thanks david but this 1 has a yellow chest and yellow back dark green neck orange head and really dark green wings
  10. i got told he was a conure but after searching the net all the conures have long tails this 1 has a short tail level to his wings he is alot darker to what he looks like in the pic.
  11. thanks ameech http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w254/amar_024/photopar.jpg[/img]
  12. i cant upload any photos could some1 please help me
  13. hi im new to this forum i have a parrot i was given a week ago but i dnt know what type of parrot it is please could some1 help me identify it please
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