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  1. Thank you Rubytoo - I feel very fortunate that they get along, which is why I am thinking maybe we should stop at the 3 so we don't upset the apple cart so to speak.. but who knows - my daughter wants a hahns macaw.. and we are on the list for a female.. but possibly the hahns could be kept elsewhere in the house.. ahhhh decisions decisions.. Fozzy is fab - he's such a happy little boy - he's currently sat on the tree eating a walnut and i'm watching his eyes move - he has such gorgeous eyes. Yep Ozzy is still doing the car alarm and a much louder version of Fozzy's little squark. He's deafening at times lol
  2. I thought I would come and update.. and what an update I have lol.. Nearly 2 weeks ago now we picked up our new bird, a gorgeous little Cockatoo called Fozzy. He's such a quiet happy little boy and spends his day flying around the living room or having cuddles. He's so friendly, that the kids can even handle him and stroke him and he doesn't mind at all. He's fitted in so well here and we all love him to pieces. There has been no aggression between him and Ozzy, they even a few days ago began flying round the room together which is lovely to see. A few days before we was due to pick up Fozzy, a friend who runs a rescue asked if I could home one of her greys, a 5 yr old 'female', who we have named Cherry. We picked her up last thursday. She had bonded to my friend but had an apparent dislike to men - this was evident in the way she behaved when my friends husband appeared near her cage. The first couple of day after bringing her home she was quite wary of myself and of my husband but we are on day 5 now and she has taken to me - will sit for hours attached to me and is constantly kissing me, asking for head scratches etc.. She has even started talking for england too lol. She says 'hello, come on lets go' 'noooooooooooooooo' lol. She is still wary of men but will step up to my hubby but if he goes to touch her she will bite. He's been giving her the odd treat etc.. in a hope to win her round but as of yet she's having non of it. She's good with the other 2, no aggression etc.. but told Fozzy 'No' earlier when he looked at her which was funny. She likes perching next to Ozzy a lot which is sweet. She's currently going through a molt and is rather uncomfortable with it bless her so I have been spraying her with rose water and gave her a proper shower today to see if that helps her. http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o127/kadams01/20130216_163115_zps74256b6a.jpg[/img] http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o127/kadams01/20130218_095143_zpsb0894c14.jpg[/img] I feel totally blessed with my 3 and love them so much. I always knew I wanted a parrot and I am proud to have them in my life.
  3. Thank you Well Ozzy is doing very well lately, he's such a happy chappy Last Saturday we drove down to Mairi's to see her and her husband and Ozzy was rather taken to her, which was lovely to see Yesterday we went to coffee morning with my mum and friends and Ozzy really enjoyed being the centre of attention in a room full of women lol. We are all feeling a little excited for tomorrow as we pick up Ozzy's new friend They have gotten along rather well when meeting the past 2 times, so fingers crossed they get along once they are living together. I've decided to place both their cages next to each other so they are separate but can see each other and will see how it goes. Will update soon
  4. Just a little update on Ozzy.. He learnt a new word the other day 'uh oh' as hubby walked through the day lol. I have to admit we both did laugh Ozzy is still making the car alarm noise, usually when we leave the room without him - but we do not go running back through to him so hopefully this horrible noise may soon get forgotten (we live in hope lol). He's such a happy little soul though and sits on the top of the door for hours just chattering away to himself lol with the occasional dive bomb thrown in for good measure hehe. My good news is though, we have a lovely little lesser coming to live with us soon ;-) Really can't wait. I think it will be nice for Ozzy to have company during the rare occasions we are all out and possibly even a partner in crime!! My hubby sings 'Pinky and the Brain' to Ozzy all the time - can you imagine the pair of them picking that up?! lol
  5. I have to admit, I live to my means i.e no credit cards, loans etc.. I don't like borrowing because it always costs more to pay it back.. plus I am worried I would be tempted to overspend.. So for me, insurance is a must. I use Exotic Direct for Ozzy and I like knowing that its there if Ozzy becomes poorly
  6. They don't half bite when they want too lol - I've had several tiny teeth sunk into my hands lately lol.
  7. Hiya! These are the little ones - Campbell's dwarf hamsters. I have 6 in total not including these two. But I won't breed from 4 of them due too 1 having diabetes, 1 being a different variety and I don't want to breed hybrids and another 2 are rescues and I don't know their history. They all have their own characters - Rosie (mum) is very cuddly and nosey lol, Harriet is very active and looks rather butch for a female dwarf haha! Benny (dad) is quiet and doesn't like anybody invading his territory but once he's out he loves a good fuss. Poppy is gorgeous - she's long haired - she doesn't children but loves me lol. Eddie and Benny are both rescues and from the same litter - both are very friendly, love to be held and played with - they love snuggling in jumpers lol. They don't like being apart from each other though although they squabble together lol
  8. Hi, my hamster had babies a couple of weeks ago, a planned litter due to wanting to improve bloodlines and dabble with colours.. Anyway, mum allowed them out of the nest and I have 2 absolutely beautiful coloured babies. Not sure on sex as I have not handled them yet but I love the colour of them both that much I am keeping them :-) Not quite sure what colour they are though.. Dad is an Argente and Mum is a Mottled Opal.
  9. Lol he's just spent the last 10 mins rearranging my hairstyle.. hehe It's not to bad, he doesn't bite hard but enough to say 'carry on and it will be harder' lol. But then he has bitten my hubby quite hard several times too, usually when he's removed from something he has an interest in.. lol
  10. Could it be because I do everything for him? I am the one who cleans his cage, wash his food and water bowls, prepares and gives his food, changes toys around, etc.. Although my hubby is home a fair bit in the day, dependent on his shifts, he doesn't do an awful lot for him as I do. But Ozzy will happily go to him for snuggles and head scratches but will screech and go to bite me if I try to touch him esp if my hubby is near. Stupidly though 9/10 times I am the one to let Ozzy out of his cage and as soon as I do he has to give me kisses before flying to hubby if he's home.. But then hubby can be with him whilst I am in the kitchen washing up or something and Ozzy will go out of his way to be with me.. Talk about confusing lol
  11. Hi, I can give him a toy - infact he will often come and sit on the floor with me and play with toys and take them from me but when it comes to food items he refuses point blank to take it. I'm unsure about routine - regardless of hubby being at work, kids at school I allow him out of his cage a lot during the day. Before bringing Ozzy home we read that a lot of people get their birds home and for the first week or so they allow their birds out all the time then the novelty wears off and they stop letting them out so much - we didn't want it to be like that and we like Ozzy to have the flight space in the house and have several perches set up for him, although he tends to favour the top of the door.. lol. We are pretty consistant with him though and whenever we put him back in the cage we praise him and we like to give him a treat. We've taught him to step up onto us and on to a stick, taught him stay and we are in the middle of teaching him to fly on command too :-) Does this sound right?
  12. Good Idea, I will try that. Thanks
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