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  1. glad to hear from someone who hasnt had problems using one! thank you for replying. Just not sure how well its going to go when it comes to trying to get our young macaw to allow us to put it on him! might give it a go though as Im sure he would love to fly outside If you have any good tips or dos/donts for putting the harness on that would be great! thanks
  2. Hi Just wondered what people's experiences are using an aviator harness? Thinking of getting one for our Macaw but just wondering what other peoples thoughts/experiences are first. thanks
  3. Does anyone know of any parrot trainers or behaviour consultants we can get in touch with? We could do with getting some professional help in relation to training our Macaw to go in his cage as its a nightmare most of the time at the moment! We have tried all the usual things - treats, toys etc etc and read up on training but hes not getting any better and we dont really know what to do now to improve things so were hoping there would be a professional who could help? If anyone knows of any contacts please let me know thanks
  4. Hi, this is our first Christmas with our blue & gold macaw & we were just wondering whether it would be a good idea or not to put up a Christmas tree?! What are people's experiences and thoughts? Thanks
  5. Hi We took our B&G Macaw to the vets for the first time today (hes 22 wk old) just for a general health check up. We took him to a specialist avian vet. The vet took a poo sample but said that because he was so young she didnt want to risk putting him under anesthetic to take blood samples and give him a full check over. It would seem that they use anesthetic for everything, even just to give a full physical examination, bloodwork and microchipping. All the vet did was weigh him (805g which she said was a good weight), took the poo sample and gave some general advice. She did say he seemed to be happy and healthy :-) We thought that anesthetic should only be used as a last resort and didnt expect it to be used for taking blood samples and general physical examination.....is this normal? Do other avian vets use anesthetic for general checks etc? thanks
  6. Thanks for all your replies. regarding the vets - we decided to cancel the appointment we made and have managed to find an avian vets in west yorkshire less than an hours drive for us so we've made an appointment there - we feel better knowing we will be seeing an avian specialist so thanks for your comments. thanks for the comments about food - we have been buying different types of nuts from the supermarket and Sunny seems to like them all so far! We will have to have a search online at seed mixes and just try him with some - theres just so many different types to choose from!
  7. Thank you for your reply - that gives me a good idea of what to expect. There are no avian specialist vets in the nearby area that I can find but the vet we are taking him to apparently deals with exotic birds and previously provided veterninary services to a zoo, dealing with exotic birds so Im hoping this will be good enough as its the best i can find! I would have preferred to take him to an avian vet but there just arent any in our area :-(
  8. ok thanks for your reply. will take a look on scarletts website. I know this is on a completly different topic but we are taking him to the vets tomorrow for a general health check over and was just wondering how much you would expect a routine check over to normally cost, roughly? i have no idea! thanks
  9. Hi I am just wondering if anyone can provide advice on the best type of parrot mix to buy for our 21 week old B&G Macaw? We have been buying JOhnson & Jeff parrot mix, which the breeder initially gave us, but all parrot food in our local pet shops is so expensive Im looking to buy online if I can get cheaper deals, but having searched for parrot mixes online there is so much choice I dont know what to buy! Does anyone have any brand names they can recommend? and where to buy from online at reasonable price? Also Ive been looking at pellet foods - should we definately be feeding pellet food as well as dry seed mix (and fresh fruit & veg of course)? Just a bit confused as some things Ive read says you can overdose Macaws if you give them too many supplements etc?? Any help would be appreciated with brand names and online shops to order from! thanks
  10. Thanks for all the replies. We have tried to give him his tea when we have ours but he isn't interested, we will try to find his favorite food to use as a treat. yes we leave a radio on when we are out. On Sunday he was out of the cage for 8 hours, i offered him loads of food but he wouldn't eat any because he was more interested in playing and sitting on me. He must of been starving but when it came to putting him in the cage, we showed him his food but he still would not go in. We have been trying to block him running up our arms but he still manages to climb to the back of our necks. Then we have been holding his feet (he is happy being touched anywhere) but this seems to get him more worked up and he tries to fly away. I am usually the one who has been putting him in his cage and over the last couple of days he seems to be annoyed with me and has become a bit agressive on occasions, not just when putting him in his cage. He hasnt been like this with my girlfriend who hasnt really been putting him in his cage so Im assuming it is something to do with this, which is upsetting but at the moment the only way to get him in his cage is by some sort of force. We do understand that he is of course not going to want to go back in his cage when he is in it during the day and that he wants to spend time with us when we are home, which is why we have been trying to spend as much time with him out of the cage as possible on an evening and over the weekends. We have ordered some books on training and are going to try spend time on this. Thanks for your replies and if anyone has any more advice it would be appreciated.
  11. Hi We have an 18 week old blue and gold macaw, Sunny, who we have now had for 2 weeks. He is a lovely bird, very tame and loves to be with us getting attention, the only major problem we are having at the moment is when it comes to getting Sunny to go back into his cage! We do both work full time so Sunny is in his cage until we get home from work monday-friday. We usually get him out of his cage around 6pm. We did start by getting him out around 6pm, playing with him for around 1 & 1/2 hour- 2 hours then we would put him back in his cage (with great difficulty) while we ate our tea, then get him back out again for an hour or so before putting him back in his cage for bed time. The last few days though we have kept him out of his cage while we ate our tea because it is so much hassle getting him back in his cage. When it comes to trying to put him back in his cage we are telling him its bedtime, start walking over towards the cage and he will then climb up our arms and onto our shoulders away from the cage - or fly off. We spend ages getting him to step up onto our hands (which he can do when he wants to but when it comes to going in his cage he is reluctant to) and once he is on our hand as soon as we reach inside the cage towards his perch he runs up our arm and out of the cage. We reluctantly usually end up having to 'make' him go in his cage by blocking his way out and waiting until he climbs onto the bars or perch. We really dont want to have to force him in becuase we know he will end up loosing trust in us and biting etc but at the moment nothing else works. we have tried to give him treats once he is in his cage but he just refuses to take the treat. We still give him attention once he is back in his cage to show him that he will still get attention in there but he doesnt seem to be making any progress with this issue. Does anyone have any advice for us to help with this because it has got to the point where we dread having to put him back in his cage! Or does anyone know of a parrot trainer in the west yorkshire or surrounding area who would be able to help? We want to sort this out asap before it gets too far. thanks!
  12. Hi We are soon to be first time B&G owners and were just wondering what is safe to use for daily cleaning of the cage, dishes etc? Is it OK to use normal antibacterial cleaner, dettol etc or will there be harmful ingredients in them? I know you can buy special bird safe spray cleaners but these seem really expensive thanks
  13. Thank you for your replies. We are going to try Markham Pets this weekend and will take a look at the websites you mention. Thanks
  14. Hi We are expecting to pick up our Blue & Gold Macaw in around 6 weeks time and having never owned a parrot before we are trying to get things organised and need to buy a large cage,stock up on toys etc. Is anyone able to recommend any good pet shops that sell toys, food etc at reasonable prices within the Wakefield/Leeds and surrounding areas? We are also struggling to find a suitable cage large enough so does anyone know of anywhere that stock cages large enough and of good quality and reasonable prices? we are willing to travel further if necessary for a cage and would like to look at them before buying to see the quality etc if possible. Most cages we have seen on the internet are 40inch wide and 30 inch deep but we have been told this could be a bit too small - what are peoples opinions on size? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
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