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  1. Alison S. Sounds like my dream property and landlady, when can we move in, obviously money is not an issue so we will pay when we have it. xxx
  2. They are going back to the original owners, they have had them for 14yrs plus and handed them in as they were moving abroad, since my discussion with them they have contacted defra and organised taking the birds with them. They have done this before as bought the birds over with them when they came here a few years ago, there family have helped with the cost of the travel. They had up until handing them in been seeing their vet regularly so their health needs where not an issue with the owners. They are going to sort the veterinary treatment and will keep us updated. They were very distressed when I informed them what had happened and thought they were doing the best for the birds by handing them to a rescue. Hopefully a happy ending all round xx
  3. Arrangements have been made and the birds in question are being returned to their owners.
  4. The rescue in question is registered as a charity and probably very well known by most of you. I know there may be people in here that belong to said rescue so I won't be naming them but we are in the process now of seeing a vet and getting a written report. Charities commission will be notified and a message has been sent to said rescue explaining why these birds will not be returned x
  5. The problem with this rescue is they like to use bully boy tactics and resort to threats, I personally have no problem with that I can handle it, been there before. Its the carer that handed them in I'm worried about, I have assured them we will give all the support we can but they are really upset they got took in by this rescue.
  6. Hi guys. As we are all talking about the welfare of birds and our duty to protect them I have a question for you all that is currently causing a dilemma for me. I was presented with some birds yesterday and asked if we would take them, these birds however belong to another rescue but the carer who bought them to us is not happy about their treatment and welfare. They do have medical issues that need treating but the rescue they belong to have not done this, why I have no idea I can only assume its down to cost. At the moment I do not want to divulge the rescue involved but I think it disgusting that their medical needs have not been met. Do I take these birds and wait for the fireworks or do I send them back to an unknown fate. If I send them back I am not doing the work I set out to do and that is to protect these vulnerable birds from abuse and neglect, but if I keep them I could be looking at legal proceedings. I know what I want to do but where do I stand legally?
  7. I called the RSPCA about a year ago about 2 abandoned cats in a house, floors about 6inch deep in S**t lots of empty food cans but no sign of an owner, they came out, posted leaflets through door and left, I called again about a week later to ask on update again they sent an inspector out, they put tape on the door to see if owner had been coming back to feed them, I lived next door and knew nobody had called but they have to follow procedure, after a month of no further calls and with no answers to my calls the house was mysteriously broken into (oh dear) 1 dead cat and 1 very skinny dehydrated cat remained (so I heared) very happy now in its new home. Council went in shortly afterwards, after they were informed of it being abandoned by myself and other dead animals were found in the bedrooms upstairs and the house had to be fumigated. I personally will not call them about any animal related issues. If i have any concerns now about owners and animal abuse/neglect I "know a man who can" so to speak.
  8. Starbuck247 You obviously know nothing about us, or how we run things, you amuse me, anyone is welcome to come and see me and the few birds I have of my own (4 at last count, not 20+) The others you would have to visit at there very well cared for, vet checked foster homes. Goodnight Timneh xxx
  9. I may be wrong and apologise if I am but I think he is probably having a dig at us Timneh. However he doesn't know us, the web site is still being worked on as looking after the birds comes first before updating or building a web site, and personally i don't care what people think of us, we are known locally, have a good team of people working with us and an excellent avian vet and if we can help I couldn't care less about other people opinions, especially those who don't know us. xxxx
  10. We will do our best, we have also emailed ITV, BBC and most of the national newspapers with the story. I will also be making a few calls to RSPCA officials that we work alongside to see if they can get us an update on the situation with the birds. We will be following this thread closely and if anyone has any numbers that may be helpful please PM me. Thanks and fingers crossed we can try to help xxx
  11. I have not posted as I have just been keeping up with the posts and getting as much info as possible before we made any calls. Some of you may know that I run a rescue, for those that don't we are Avian and Exotic Parrot Rescue in the Midlands. We have been disgusted with what we have read on here and with the actions of the RSPCA. We have therefore rung Patrick Carr who was one of the front desk reporters with the ITV News. He currently no longer works for the ITV but happily gave us the number to call with this story. As a result they will be calling the RSPCA about this matter and will be at some time joining the forum to read through and hopefully contact some of the people on here to get their stories. I really hope that this story gets to the TV and hopefully get these birds out of there and into the homes they should be in wether it be back to their owners or into rescue where they can be looked after properly. I hope this helps you all and we will be following this story and doing what we can here to help.
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