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  1. Hi all just received a e-mail that is back up and running so I reset my password and here you are Welcome back
  2. geeby1

    r i p chicken

    Seems I'm monopolizing this room ,but sad to say this afternoon our old cat chicken sadly passed away in his sleep ,he was well over 19 yrs old and had a good life , still struggling to get over the loss of our dog merlin now we loose our old cat. can things get sadder than sad . r.i.p. chickie boy sleep well
  3. geeby1

    r.i.p. merlin

    thank you he is missed so much especially by my other dog who now just seems to mope around they were together since puppies .
  4. geeby1

    r.i.p. merlin

    I always get a lump in my throat when reading these messages, but having to post one is so hard yesterday (Monday 20/7) we suddenly lost our best friend and probably the best little dog ever R.I..P. merlin sleep well good boy
  5. hi interested to know if anyone has nicknames they call their pets most of mine have and weirdly they answer to them, parrot is eider but also called geeb or that bl**dy pigeon my two dogs merlin and lynx are moo and mr b cat originally named hardy is now chicken and my daughters two dogs brandy and apache are winnie and poo
  6. hi, just thought let you know of a very worrying 20 mins that happened yesterday. Our little dog (about jack Russell size) suddenly went into what appeared to by some kind of fit, body went very stiff, then started shaking, as I said this went on for a good 20 minutes. after that he was a little wobbly for a while then back to normal, he fine for the rest of the day and has been his normal self since. What had happened I really have no clue but one theory I have is maybe he was stung as I have seen a lot of large wasps/hornets around here lately and he does have a habit of snapping at flying insects , if I am right please be aware of this happening as it seemed very painfull for our dog and very scary for us.
  7. hi, I have seen lists of tree branches that are safe for using in cages but not sure if hazel is ok or not any advice please thank you
  8. just saw in local pet shop a product called multi vit seems you mix it in the food smallish box for around £3.50, does anyone know if it's any good? thanks
  9. hi thanks yes he is fine in all other ways ,can fly fine ,talking (too much lol) eating and drinking all normal but yes I 'll have a go at misting him thanks again
  10. hi I need some advice, I have a grey he is 2 yrs old recently though he is looking really scruffy he isn't feather plucking, and I haven't seen any bald patches but I can only describe it as looking scruffy . He is a bit fussy with his eating but I found a seed mix he likes, and he has apple banana and sometimes grapes but maybe he is needing some extra vitamins or is there a tonic I could give him any thoughts would be appreciated thanks
  11. wow must be over 3 yrs I guess since I was here, after the sudden death of my grey eider I kind of gave up . but I have had my new grey geeby for about 2 yrs now he has a bit of a problem (which i'll ask for advice for) and thought I 'd come back and take a look, good to see the site still going strong and with a lot of names I recognise from when I first signed up.
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