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  1. Hi to all I have made my mind up to sell up my entire breeding stock to a good freind and breeder in belguim,This will happen over the coming months ,Due to birds being on eggs now, This was very hard on me and my family but we think it is the right decision, I know it seems like giving up but i have had to think about my family and what these people might have done if i had approched them and not my dogs, thankyou to everybody. regards justin
  2. Hi an update on the above events ,All four guys received fines with a total cost of £2200 , (what a joke ), Considering the birds they were after are worth in excess £20,000 ,I am now seriously thinking of selling up and am in talks with a belgium breeder who is intrested in my full collection, I feel there is no justice and for the likes of us breeders and keepers who dedicate all of are time and hard earned money into this hobby,The risk of loseing that much money is frighting, Thankyou to everybody for your kind comments. regards justin
  3. The dogs are in the clear thankgod, I dont breed the palm cookatoos that bird was owned by a good freind of mine and he asked me to look after it for him for a couple of weeks which turned into 6 months, what a nightmare that bird screamed my freinds name for a whole 2 weeks it was brain washing me lol, It was very very tame but would not come near me as soon as my freind turned up it was a different bird,NEVER AGAIN lol, Thankyou for your nice comments .
  4. It cost me £700 pound to get boss trained by dog support unit at strangeways jail, The best money i have ever spent , The best thing that has come out of this is that it has made change the lay out af my avairys which i was going to do anyway just not yet lol, one way in and one way out and boss and deisel have got a brand new pent house, God i didnt realise that being a bird keeper you could collect so much stuff i am finding brooders air purifiers that i didnt know i had. regards juzzy
  5. Dogs are fine, all four men have been charged, the guy who boss got hold of wanted the dog put to sleep for doing his job, who do these people think they are?, These people were not kids they were adults the youngest being 28 years old and not even from the northwest they were from doncaster they new what they were coming for,The problem is WHO they were coming for because the avairy they tried to enter has a lot of very expensive birds in, The avairy has 8 cameras in and were useless due to the fact the thieves had hoods on and you could not see anythin, It has made me think twice and thank god for mans best freind. ADVICE- forget all these expensive cameras and things get your self a big dog. regards juzzy
  6. people who vist my web site will have noticed that it is no longer available to view at the moment, The reason behind this is that 6 weeks ago a gang of masked theifs tried helping them selfs to a few pairs of very expensive macaws, They got a shock when they were faced with my 10 stone douge de bordeaux BOSS and his son deisel,3 got away the 4th wasnt so luky and boss in turn tryed to rip his left leg off, This matter is still on going through court ,when settled things will go back to normal and i will put the web site back up, The phone i use to recieve inquirys is off at the moment ,I will let people know when things are back to normal,and i am very sorry to the people who have tryed to contact me. regards juzzy http://www.justmacaw.com
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