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  1. My mother is due to go for major surgery in early Feb (she only recently got the date through!) and it will leave her out of action for a good 3-4 weeks at least. She has a lovely but fiesty BF Amazon that will need looking after during that time. Is anyone able to help out? She’ll struggle to afford a professional boarder so thought I’d ask on here first. Benny is a funny old bird. She’s now around 25 years old and is a little madam, unless there’s food that she likes the look of and then she’ll pretend to be your bestest friend. She adores mum and pretty much dislikes everyone else, particularly males. On occasion she has met new ladies she seems to like but that’s rare. She is quite happy in her cage so but also likes to come out to climb around (she rarely flies). Ideally a female would take her on as it’s more likely she’ll like them than a male. She is used to small dogs and children but dislikes the latter. She’ll likely wind up any dogs that come to close to her cage. She was seen by a vet a few years ago and was deemed healthy. As she is an only bird I can’t imagine that she has contracted anything since then that is contagious. Would consider getting her vet checked for reassurance. if you think you can help out please let me know ASAP. (I’m sure lots of you will be wondering why I don’t just look after her. I work full time away from my own home. I live in lodgings during the working week who have cats and dogs so not suitable 😕 )
  2. Hi All, Am looking for some advice regarding changing my mums BF Amazons diet. She currently has a bowl of parrot seed mix and is given fruit and veg daily. She receives cooked pasta, rice etc when mum cooks it. I would like to get her on to a more nutritious diet that does not contain as much seed. Can any amazon owners suggest any pellet mixes that their birds love? Also, any tips on how to wean her? She is a stubborn madam (the bird, not mum!) and I dont think this will be easy. She always flicks through her seed to find the sunflowers and peanuts!!! Any help much appreciated.
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