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  1. rubytoo

    Feeling really stressed.

    Noticed that ..dare I laugh? Really admire that you have done this, and feel sorry for the owners bet they did not think or imagine it would stretch out like this either. Good Luck to you all.X
  2. rubytoo

    Hi everyone - probably my last post

    Very sorry for your loss, the diary makes for grim reading something none of us would ever like to go through. I smiled earlier noting your name online. Now I am not smiling 8 months before you felt able that you could post your sad story. So sorry.
  3. rubytoo

    Slender billed conures

    Hi and welcome. Is this a pet bird or a breeding bird? This may be relevant to the price.
  4. rubytoo

    Feeling really stressed.

    I think I would have had a complete meltdown by now. I keep re reading in horrified fascination. Hope it all goes smoothly too, Good Luck!
  5. rubytoo

    Budgies, different types.

    Edit Sorry ran out of edit time! If you can "view image info" ( I use mozzila firefox) Canberrratimes.com is possibly the site. If you look at the image info. http://images.canberratimes.com.au/2013/02/03/4002779/JD-art-budgies-20130203193016334770-620x349.jpg
  6. rubytoo

    Budgies, different types.

    Yes sorry was not trying to catch anyone out. The link was in Bing images. You get photos with a name of site., but not a link to the relevant site. A wild one next to a domestic bred one. We had a small green jobbbie, very engaging little bird. Which I thought (at the time) nearer to the wild ones. But he was somewhere in between the big and small green jobbie When you compare and think how people have changed them to that degree...!
  7. Has been a bit whirl wind hasn't it. He does look relaxed. Gloves...personally I would say don't. If he does not want to be touched and goes to bite, don't force it. Don't mistake a beak on the hand or reaching out they use beaks like a steadying third hand/foot before stepping on. Sit with him and have search on here about training and read it out to him so he gets the idea too. Sounds like his old owner will be able and willing to help you along.
  8. rubytoo

    Budgies, different types.

    I know you two are talking about the headier realms and finer points of Budgies. But this photo caught my eye. http://images.canberratimes.com.au/2013/02/03/4002779/JD-art-budgies-20130203193016334770-620x349.jpg
  9. rubytoo

    Oh dear..........

    You and she did it before, and she has been used to having the sound and feel of a bird around, fingers crossed there is a good chance she will again?.... Very sorry about losing the other bird though, always sad to lose one.
  10. rubytoo

    Budgies, different types.

    I thought the big ones were called English standard ( As in standard for Big show sized ones). And the American ones were big (not small) but the equivalent to a big English exhibition budgie here. Aren't they called parakeets is the US anyway They do seem to come in all shapes and sizes though don't they!
  11. When is he arriving? One little thing. Treats for training ( to a parrot) is something they covet over all else in the food department . If you wish to use reward based training. You will have to experiment and observe what he likes best, what he takes first from a dish of foods, and then "remove" or limit the thing he goes for most in his daily feeds. Treats are not what we think they might like, but what the bird actually likes best. It also may not be food it might be offering a favourite toy of some kind ( thinking foot toys). Also think that even we get sichk of our favs , so you amy have to reapply any test to find or onserve if he gets bored with a "favourite" training treat. You said it was on castors in an earlier post. I would not bother spending money on an air cleaner for now. Bathe the bird regularly, air the house, and normal house cleaning/dusting should help keep it down enough . Then if you find it a problem waste some money.
  12. rubytoo

    Oh dear..........

    Good Luck! I remember you posting last time, with such an apt? name easy to remember.
  13. Hi Sueb, sorry it didn't go so well but welcome back!
  14. Hi and welcome. We used to have houseplants too, the few remaining remnants live in the downstairs loo. (The room not the loo). Good Luck acquiring your new parrot.
  15. rubytoo

    Safe foods etc

    Sorry my edit time ran out. I believe that Roundup (made by Monsanto), is a herbicide, not a pesticide, various mixes for agricultural and private use. http://www.monsanto-ag.co.uk/content.template/97/97/Roundup/Roundup/Roundup%20Agriculture.mspx I know that it is difficult and there is always the chance that something may be mis applied. When crops are sprayed there are strict rules to when they may be harvested safely after application.