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  1. Peanut climbs out and normally gives a full vocal rendition then struts about with tail fanned doing this exorcist thing with her head. Or she'll make straight for a webbing strap I tied on her cage and chucks it about playing tug of war. Brilliant toy it's a body building wrist strap cost £5 from the gym, she will play with it more than any toy! M
  2. The best piece of advice I read was to back off and give her time, so so true :-) I made some dumplings with my dinner when I got in from the gym last night (veg suet!) she didn't let up until I gave her some! I should have taken a photo.... Dumpling all over her beak! Completely caked! Dave
  3. Well what can I say it's been an eventful few weeks with peanut! her first excursion to the kitchen resulted with her not talking to me for a few days, then it was like a switch being thrown. She has completely stopped biting I don't understand why but it's just happened! she now waddles over for a cuddle when I get in from work, first off she would come over to me on her cage and fluff her neck out to tickle. Then to my complete surprise I was leaning against the cage, she normally comes over and beaks my shoulder and squeaks in my ear, anyway she wanders over fluffs her neck out and lays her head on my shoulder for a tickle! My wife couldn't believe it! I was gob smacked! She now let's me stroke her belly without savaging me, huge amount of progress has been made by all of us. She now drinks/steals the tea from my cup and also steals any fruit from my hand I'm eating but I don't mind! Here's a photo! http://img846.imageshack.us/i/imagextq.jpg/ http://img542.imageshack.us/i/imagecfe.jpg/ Dave
  4. We're doing really well to be honest, she's only "got" me once over the weekend, we went out and bought her a perch with ladders, feeding bowls and a swing yesterday, she was so excited she took off from her cage a couple of times befor I had finished and tried to land on it! She's usually not that bothered about flying but she's getting a lot more confident! Later on I walked in with a bowl and spoon to give her some mashed sweet potato and she stole the spoon off me she's so funny. Then when we sat down to eat she kept jumping off and flying over my head until I gave her some of my broccoli! I looked at the dog and said beat that snoopers! Needles to say he just sniffed and looked away! Dave
  5. At the moment as our amazon has been living with us for Only 3 weeks names are: Peanut Nut Nutnut (our 2 yr old boy) Carrot (our 4 yr old girl) Ouch that hurt! (me) Please don't bite, please don't bite. (me) Dave
  6. I'm a new owner of a amazon and in the few weeks she has been with us I have come to understand her... A bit! :-) Now I know she's in show mode, tail fanned, eyes flashing really showing off, making all sorts of noises and strutting about, I go near her and she sticks her foot out as if to say I want to stand on.... now I've done this before and she has bitten me yet I do it again, she stands on my hand, then tears a chunk out of my knuckle! When will I learn just to flirt with her and leave it at that..... Just ouch lol. Dave
  7. I had a few on my phone here's Peanut http://img804.imageshack.us/i/imageocf.jpg/ http://img59.imageshack.us/i/imagerob.jpg/ http://img718.imageshack.us/i/imagenel.jpg/ Hope you like her Dave
  8. Hey there. I have some photos, as soon as I work out how to post them up I'll do it. Thanks D
  9. Hey there, Just like to say hello and introduce myself and Peanut. Me and my family are new owners of a 9 month old Amazon blue fronted called Peanut. We bought her 2 weeks ago from a family that had bought peanut to keep their other parrot company but there had been some problem with jealousy and she (Peanut) really didn't like the man she was very hostile towards him! If I'm being absolutely honest I'm completely smitten with Peanut, she has me wrapped around her "finger" even though we had a rough first week, I've got the scars to prove it! She would stand on then take a chunk out of my hand or arm. We have made brilliant progress together, me learning to be cognicent of her moods i was rewarded today with her now calmly standing on without trying to rip a chunk out of me! My whole family adore her and my wife also talks about her all the time. We are obviously new to looking after a parrot but something the both of us talked about for some time, I'm glad we rescued peanut instead of buying a young'un without any experience. Our dogs are both rescue and I wouldnt have it any other way. I'm on a steep learning curve, all of us and I'd very much like to do the best i can do for peanuts welfare I'm not in any rush and hopefully she'll be with us for a very long time :-) Dave
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