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  1. All your hard work is paying off.Well done!
  2. So sorry to hear of this and hope that Pugh finds happiness with her new mate.
  3. Hello Sue,sorry to hear that you haven't been well and hope that you now have your diabetes under control.I know all about eye trouble after several visits over the yearsz to the local eye hospital and I hope all goes well.Congratulations on the impending new baby-just what the doctor ordered-wonderful news. Caz x
  4. Parrots are great company but I can understand your Step-dad being worried about your health condition-given the dust they produce. I know of two people that have given up their birds after developing emphasyma,as chest/lung conditions and parrots do not mix-although others on here might disagree and I don't want to appear negative. In addition I would be greatly concerned about Archie being left in the vehicle overnight-is there no other way around this? Why can't the Courier collect him first thing on friday morning,which would be less stressful for Archie? I don't know if I can be of any help as I live in a village near Dartmoor,Devon? Possibly too late now,given as you've paid for him? I really hope that everything works out for you and Archie and wish you both many happy years together.
  5. Mlady


    I have never insured my African Grey and if I did it wouldn't be with the infamous E & L for the same reasons as cited above.They are the absolute pits for honouring claims.The only pets in my household I do insure are Great Danes, as the vet bills can run into thousands for one condition alone. I have invested in Premium Bonds-periodically increasing the amount- rather than putting money into a kitty every month,in case my Grey ever needed expensive treatment-God forbid.As I am unsure of how costly Avian treatment can be-hope I have enough to cover any eventuality.
  6. So sorry to read this as she sounded a lovely person. RIP Debs and hope that your flock are with you at The Bridge.
  7. Don't think that I can be parrotty as have never done any of the above? Do let Mojo very once in a blue moon have a sip of my coffee and sometimes let him eat chewed up wholemeal toast from my mouth on very rare occasions! Does that qualify?
  8. Sorry no advice but I hope someone experienced can help.
  9. There was a list of safe foods that accompanied my Grey and grapes were on it but I have since heard that grapes from Chile must never be given to birds? Has anyone else heard of this?
  10. Hi and thanks but sorry no photos as can just about log in on here. Anyhow don't they all look the same? Well they do to me-although Mojo is very small compared to ones I have seen in petshops. As for having worked out the kinks-unsure about that? Basically I am not a confident handler and didn't initially really want a parrot,but Mojo is now such an integral part of my life that I can't contemplate being without him.He was a surprise Christmas present from my husband and a great deal of thought and planning went into the purchase from a reputable local breeder.Afican Grey books were bought and an appointment was made for me to visit his Breeder after the Christmas period to acquaint me with the basic knowledge of owning a Grey-which did help enormously.But nothing really prepares you for living with such an intelligent,feisty,comical,loving and articulate creature.I am amazed at his vocabulary and he still surprises me greatly with yet further new words and sentences.Unfortunately at about the time I needed advice on various aspects on living with an adolescent Grey the Breeder had moved away and it was very much trial and error,so I hope that I have done him justice.I hope that by joining this forum it will allow me an even greater insight into living with an African Grey.
  11. Hi my name is Caz and I have an African Grey who is approx 11 years.I am still getting to know this little character even though I have had him from a baby.Hoping this forum will help me to get to know him better and help to enrich his life as I am sure there there is much to learn from you Guys in order to improve his daily routine.
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