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  1. You could try a combination of pellets, a low sunflower seed mix and plenty of fresh veggies/fruit. There are all sorts of dried berry mixes, vegetables and fruit you can buy off the internet - I use Rob Harvey and get all sorts of bits to mix in with my bird's diet. Very sorry that you have lost Alfie and Bob. Hope you are OK.
  2. Unfortunately for Milli, Farky was sexed as a little boy, lol! It doesn't stop him trying though . So no eggs for them - hurrah!!!
  3. Bloody well done! - wish I could write a book - I just about manage a shopping list. I will have a look out for it when next on amazon!
  4. Before one of my caiques got a little friend for himself he did attach himself quite strongly to me. He would become overly amourous on my hand and would make noises like a tiny pig . Luckily he has a mate now (although they are both male) and so he saves his 'attentions' for him. Good to know that your girl also likes your partner.
  5. You mean you have actually wrote the novel?
  6. I have read somewhere not to rub a birds back as it will stimulate them too much . She has obviously bonded very strongly with you and thinks of you as her mate. See if the noises stop if you keep to head rubs.
  7. Thanks Fannyann - will have a look into this. Lots of mating behaviour going on at the moment - Milli regurgitating for Farky and scuttling around in their bread bin at night. The 'poorly' toe is no longer bothering him at all!
  8. You could always try mixing everything up with a little bit of seed - for example I use a cheap frozen veg mix and add bits of extras like sweetcorn, chopped peppers. I usually blitz in the microwave for a few minutes and then add some chopped fruit such as apple, grapes, pomegranite seeds. I add a little bit of seed to this and then my birds have to ferret through everything. They will usually eat the seeds first but then have to eat the veggies and fruit as they are still hungry. This is all cleared away later and they receive a small dish of seed in the afternoon. Mine also seem to like fruit a lot more if you hang it up - I use a big needle and thread with string and tie up in different areas of their cage. It is amazing how many people would not think to give their birds a bath. My caiques all enjoy one even in this cold weather - I do make sure they have warm water though and a nice fluffy towel to dry off on. In the summer time a big dish of water is laid out will be used every day and then a dry off in the sun!
  9. Hello - I have an african grey too called Louis. He is not a great fan of my kids though!
  10. It is OK - I am not feather background desperate really . Just ignore my pitiful ramblings....
  11. Blackcurrant with Sky and Triangles...
  12. Why has one of Potty's Mums posts been copied here?
  13. Today we have Orange and Apple on a Wood grained background. Still waiting for feathers admin!
  14. I feel hard done by - I live in Daventry - nice enough place but doesn't quite have the ring of 'USA' or 'beautiful island of Maderia'.
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