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  1. just an update to let you all know we didnt get our galah chick unfortunately the breeder phoned me on sunday and said it had died we would of been gettin him/her on tues we are all so gutted after so many let downs and scams online we finally thought we were gettin our baby galah we are all devasted.
  2. thanks pottys mum as newbie to site we have always kept birds and parrots and are still no where near being an expert, there always something new to learn and im a firm believer of speak how you would like to be spoken to, so big thumbs up from me, nearly a galah parent ha :)
  3. hiya thanks all for the great welcome ;D well finally gettin, a galah in 4 wks, we all cant wait lol, also just got alovely big cage for him/her, so roll on 4 wks, n thanks again for the great welcome
  4. hi all im new to the forum so please bear with me lol, me and my family are parrot mad, and are hoping to get another one real soon, its just a nightmare trying to find ones that are not scams didnt realise there was so many scams to do with parrots, so again a big hello from me
  5. hi same im new to here as well not sure how to post if anyone can help lol, thats why i tagged onto your post lol, lil marley abso gorgeous
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