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  1. A few pictures of a baby macaw that fell out of its nest but is now recovering http://imgur.com/a/a3vXJ
  2. How about offering a treat to him on/with something else? Maybe a spoon? Then you could maybe switch to a teaspoon and eventually he might let you give him one with your hand
  3. Aww what a cutie! Greys are lovely birds And I agree with rubytoo, Dr Irene's books are fantastic
  4. The website seems to have been down for a month.... hope they haven't folded
  5. Saw this via Northern Parrots http://www.thisisthewestcountry.co.uk/news/somerset_news/10159987.Appeal_to_find_lost_parrot/ A senegal has gone missing in Somerset - please keep an eye out for it, his owner's contact details are in the article. I've emailed him to recommend he put the details into parrotalert.com, hopefully that might help. Fingers crossed for him
  6. Hello to you all I look forward to hearing your tales! Love macaws
  7. Mort seems to love most of his toys, but LOVESSS his rubber ducky toy (little rubber duck with wooden bits - this one http://www.northernparrots.com/davie-duck-wood-and-rope-parrot-toy-prod344521/ ) and I've just noticed it's finally back in stock! Whoop!
  8. Keep the bigger ones, waiting for a wing feather for my hat! Unfortunately by the time mort loses his tail feather the ends are bit trashed cause he spends so much time chucking himself about and playing
  9. Agreed net - certainly most of my money seems to go on keeping mort happy - I do spoil him so If any help is ever needed with the website please feel free to give me a bell, I've done/do quite a lot of programming and simulation and would be happy to help if I can
  10. Hellos all I was thinking this morning about how much I love reading everyone's stories about their birds, and how awesome it would be to have a thread to compile all the little titbits! I know how much funny little stories (even if they are only 1 line) can cheer me up, and would love to have a thread full of wonderful little tales to help make me smile I'm also hoping that this might encourage some more people to start posting - maybe your gorgeous baby bird did something that made you smile but you didn't want to post a whole new thread about it? Reply here instead! And be safe in the knowledge that your little story made someone smile (Just like JeBird's amazon release video did to me just now ) My first one (of many I promise you - I do own a caique!) of little Mort is one of those 'oh-my-god I hope he's okay but my god that was HILARIOUS'! Mort was attacking one of his toys rather vigorously (in objection to being put away briefly during dinner) and well.....forgot about gravity! He let go, landed head first in his waterbowl and emerged looking like a drowned rat :s I of course ran over to give him a quick hold upside down and a cuddle - honest to god from the way he was determined to snuggle into me you'd have thought the world ended! Felt bad for laughing but he looked so silly all wet like that He does seem to be developing a sense of humour... came home, got him out, said 'go get daddy'.... he flew to him, yelled right in his ear and flew back to me!! Sneaky little thing ......
  11. I think part of the problem might be other forums; while this one is great (ie lots of friendly advice, not just full of criticism) posting in many other forums just invites trouble! Other forums may put people off forums like this completely. I gave up with an aquarium forum I was using as every time you posted a question or problem you would get lectured by people who assumed they knew more than you! There are 2 things I can think of that might help us buck people up - firstly the google description of the website: "Resource for parrot-keepers and other bird enthusiasts. Health and nutrition information and classified ads section." - That makes it sound not nearly as fun and happy as it is Perhaps we could re-write that? 'A place to get/give advice, share and read stories of the joys of keeping parrots' or something like that. Another thing which I don't know how easy it would be to add would be a chatbox - a little box that appears at the top of the home page that lets all online users chat to each other. I would really like to help keep this forum going, without it I wouldn't get to read so many great stories and wouldn't have found my little mort! x
  12. thanks! He is such a poser, to the point that we can't take video of him as as soon as the camera comes out he stops to pose !! Even if he lays eggs he'll still be my little boy (albeit slightly gender confused) at least mort could be short for morticia lol !!!!
  13. Peek a boo everyone! Hope everyone is all prepared for Christmas! Mort has already managed to find his Christmas presents..... http://i1111.photobucket.com/albums/h468/shop643c/EFE8DDB4-0CCC-47DC-8A37-EEEE92C8842B-82070-000014AAB9FD6E9E.jpg[/img] Remember to keep clean! http://i1111.photobucket.com/albums/h468/shop643c/EF2B1A88-7ED6-4C9D-B057-69663871DF0F-82070-000014AACE80A412.jpg[/img] And have a snooze to stay refreshed http://i1111.photobucket.com/albums/h468/shop643c/ACE3FABC-A55E-41EE-98BC-E57F35C03926-82070-000014AA517F23A5.jpg[/img] And most importantly, remember to pose for the camera http://i1111.photobucket.com/albums/h468/shop643c/9DBDCB6F-A71A-4DB4-BE88-2577E25303F4-82070-000014AB1FEEDEEF.jpg[/img] Merry christmas!!!!
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