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  1. what type of parrot is luna? i can't quite see what she is in your photo. both of the conures came from muriel and i'm really pleased with both of them and they are so friendly and happy birds.
  2. here is a picture of asklepiades china and squeak my cockatiel hope you like
  3. sorry guys it was just me at the time trying to deal with stressful stuff. apologies always more short tempered than usual when stressed. yes it was muriel i got them both from, great lady really knows her stuff and is always happy to talk to you if you have problems. will post pictures when i'm next on,
  4. have i offended anyone??? no hi's, hellos or even bog off's!!! not coming on here again so thank you for the welcome it was lovely not!!! bye speak to you not
  5. hi i've been on here before but drifted away due to issues with jbird who had opinions about squeak i didn't like i have 3 birds now squeak who is a cockatiel that was rescued by me and is now about 7 years old but not sure. he is a lutino split pied and speaks about 25 words and sentences and lots and lots of squeaks, whistles. china is a painted conure who is 2 years old and i got her from a breeder from norfolk and she is silly tame. she says hello in a really quiet voice and imitates squeak which drives him nuts!! she is gorgeous and very loving and loves nothing more than to snuggle in cushions which makes it a bit hairy when you sit down. its a case of look before you sit!! lol asklepiades is a black capped conure who is very very in love with china!! it was love at first sight as i took china back to her breeders to introduce her to askie and she loved him. he is all boy and likes to flare his wings and bob at me in the morning!! its like a morning ritual with him and he gets stroppy when i don't do it, i think i made a rod for my own back starting it but its so much fun!! he loves to nick apple and grapes from china and she gets in a right strop and chases him about the cage. oh the honorary bird is my english springer spaniel louis who puts up with the birds and no's that if he tries to pick them up he gets a nose piercing!! for people who say dogs don't mix well with birds its not true but you do need to put the effort in. well thats the flock i will put pictures on as and when i get it done.
  6. hi that was so disgusting it was untrue!!! evil evil women!! i have a tiel who through bad handling methods is very hand shy and probably always will be!!!! i just feel so sorry for the grey - can see the poor bird being sold on soon!!! esslouis
  7. hi thank you for the link it was really interesting. if anybody wants these feathers for this purpose you are more than welcome. esslouiss and the brood
  8. what is imping?? i have about 6 long tail feathers now and wing feathers and body fluff. jackie and louis
  9. hi my cocketiel squeak has just started to moult his tail feathers. some are dove grey and some are a lovely yellow colour. would you like them to be put aside for you? they are quite long as well.
  10. hi there and welcome from me and my brood!! i know what you mean before i met the breeder i got china off i went through quite a lot of heart ache. i wanted at the time a grey and i phoned this so called breeder who was offering a 6 month old grey for sale. it was about the right price for a grey so gave them a call and all i could hear was this screaming on the other end!! eventually after much questioning and a lot of BS on the part of the 'breeder' found out that the poor parrot had been brought as a present and got bored left the poor baby in its cage and it had discovered screaming loudly got it attention!! i would dearly loved to take it off his hands but i live in a flat and i think my neighbours wouldn't like the screaming. shame really but thats how it goes sometime. you can't save them all. i have up on a grey and got china a painted conure coz i feel in love with her at first sight!! love from my brood esslouiss and the brood
  11. hi and welcome to the site. i also found the site by accident!! can't wait to hear about your new baby grey. esslouis and the gang
  12. hi how far are you going up country?? i'm in west yorkshire and could poss look after your jardine for you. just a thought esslouiss and the gang.
  13. hi yes they do. i did have them in the same cage but at the mo i have had to seperate them as squeaks feeling fruity and china doesn't put up with it. she bit his wing quite hard and broke a feather so until squeak calms down and leaves her alone its seperate cages i'm afraid. i will put them back in as and when i feel they are ok again. i must admit its like being in a love triangle as squeak adores china and tries to feed her and china loves me by trying to feed me!! squeak gets jealous and attacks me so it can get a bit hairy!! poor louis is stuck in the middle!!
  14. hi my first budgie was named sharpe coz i had a thing about the series with sean bean in!! squeak the cocketiel was named by my friend autistic son - i asked him what he would call him as i had failed to come up with a name after months so he looked up at him and said squeak coz he squeaked!! china named herself as soon as i saw her photo that was her name - i believe animals name themselves you just have to tune into them and then the name appears (except in squeaks case!!). i also call her cheeky as she has a big personality and just gives you a look that means she is up to no good. louis was named when i got him and it suited him so stayed the same. well thats the lot esslouiss and the gang
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