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  1. Hi thanks for the link Also she is an african grey Thanks
  2. Hi im building an Aviary for buddy soon about 5ft x 9ft x6ft high and was just wondering what kinds of plants/trees etc i could put in there for her and also what kinds of other bird we could maybe put in there wiith her? My stepdad would like a few Finches but we're not sure how buddy would re-act.. also if it is possible then nearer the time i would have to ask advice on how nto introduce them lol Thanks Martyn
  3. Hi greg thanks for the advice its very helpful! And yes it was cadbury garden centre lol. Yes i have been rerwarding her for doing the things i want her to do. I had her out the cage yesterday for the first time in a while and she loved it she was so happy head bobbing and swinging her body side to side and leaning right over for me to tickle her and getting a bit too playfull when i was trying to take her perch out and other toys to clean them lol was alot of fun and she ended up spending quite a while outside the cage as she didnt want to go back in but i eventually lured her in with her favourite toy and a monkey nut lol. I have been trying to teach her if i say "wings" and put my arms out that she does it.. and if shes in a playfull mood or listening to some of her favourite songs she does it for me so i give her a treat and clap and say well done etc. so getting there.. next is to try and get her to step onto a hand held perch
  4. Thankyou for all the welcomes and lovely comments
  5. Thanks for the welcome! And Thanks again i love her to bits!
  6. Thats a good idea! Thanks fannyann. And yes she does go outside alot in the summer in her cage. Ok i'll bear that in mind
  7. Hi guys great stories and advice on here Im a new african grey owner and she is not hand tamed so doesn't really come out the cage atm so i just mist her weekly in her cage but reading this im going to change it to daily by the sounds of it.. is this adequate for bathing? or should she be getting drenched like some of the pics on here? lol she has had showers in the past if you take her portable cage into the shower. Any recommendations? ultimately i would like to be able to get her confident enough to just fly/jump into the bath or sink lol Thanks Martyn
  8. Great thanks! She has that yellow chest and that multi-coloured spin feeder thing which she loves.. Going to buy either the first or second set of perch and swing on there! Looks cool!
  9. Hi Debs Thanks for the reply. Its a bit of a shame that the cage that she came with and that she's had since birth apparently has a rounded roof with open doors and not a flat roof with a playpen on top and i don't really want to change it because 1. its been her home her whole life and don't want to put her through any stress and 2. i just cant afford another one lol but its definitely big enough for a single grey. I think she could do with some new toys though too she has a puzzle chest i put treats in and a couple of hanging down toys and some homemade ones but if anyone could link me a good site where i can kit her cage out with toys that will keep her playing and hanging upside down it'll be money well spent lol Thanks for the advice and yes i am a bit weary of the open top bit as the doors are heavy - im guessing purposely so she cant push them open (she does undo the catch herself lol) - so i wedge them open with a piece of wood slatted each end that she stands on but im not a big fan of it and would rather she had somewhere to get out and play so looking forward to march when i have some time off and can build her aviary
  10. Thank you all for the warm welcomes! Just been scanning the info section! Lots of good help there and knowledge already read alot of things that will help me
  11. Hi! I introduced myself last night. I have had my Parrot Buddy for probably about 5-6 months now thinking about it. I think she is about 4-6 years old and i seem to be getting closer to her all the time. She took a big shine to me when i first got her as i spent alot of time wit her in the early months of her being at a new house and im the one that feeds her most of the time and clean her cage weekly and mist her with water etc. She is not hand tamed and his bitten my dad once when he used to have her. But she now takes treats from me when i open the cage and put my hand in (she'll do anything for a monkey nut lol) thats f i get a chance normally when i get a peanut out shes already waiting by the door and stick her head right out to take it from me.. i can also stroke the top of her beak and the back of her neck.. i had also dared to stroke her tummy once while she was eating and she was eating her peanut which she was fine with for a few seconds but then she stopped eating ad just looked at me so i calmly removed my hand lol. Anyway sorry for rambling the point im trying to get to is.. she doesnt get out the cage much as i find it hard to get her back in and its quite scary when i open the top of the cage and put a wooden pertch between the top doors which she sits on and towers over me lol and i recently spoke to a garden centre that had an african grey there and they said that she should be out of her cage 5-7 hours a day and HAS to be able to fly about to exercise her lungs otherwise she might get pneumonia and i was lucky she hadnt plucked all her feathers out!!.. Naturally this made me feel terrible so i have decided to convert a big tall dog pen i have in the garden into an aviary so she can spent most the day outside esp in the summer.. but i live in North Somerset and the weather is very cold atm and not always great in the summer so i was just wondering if anyone could tell me what is the lowest and highest temps she can be outside in.. and if anyone recommends anything for the aviary. I have had a good look through the forum this morning and read alot of helpful things to try and help hand tame your parrot so im going to try to start training her to step up onto a handheld perch soon! Many Thanks Martyn
  12. Hello Everyone! I have joined this Forum as i recently (a few months ago) wa given an African Grey and i think shes around 4-6 years old. She has a lovely nature and seem to have grown fond of me quickly! Shes not hand reared though so as far as i have got so far is opening the cage and stroking her beak and the back of her neck which she likes but im worried of being bitten! LOL anyway i have joined as i need to ask some advice from some expertees like yourselves on a few things (will find the right part of the forum first lol) and want to look after her the best i can. Her name is Buddy (funny name for a female i know) lol but the owner before thought she was a male but i have since been told shes a female! I'll attemp to post some pictures Thanks Martyn (South West, England) http://i657.photobucket.com/albums/uu298/xxroadhogxx/003.jpg[/img] http://i657.photobucket.com/albums/uu298/xxroadhogxx/006.jpg[/img] http://i657.photobucket.com/albums/uu298/xxroadhogxx/013.jpg[/img] http://i657.photobucket.com/albums/uu298/xxroadhogxx/015.jpg[/img] http://i657.photobucket.com/albums/uu298/xxroadhogxx/017.jpg[/img] http://i657.photobucket.com/albums/uu298/xxroadhogxx/020.jpg[/img] http://i657.photobucket.com/albums/uu298/xxroadhogxx/021.jpg[/img]
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