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  1. Is that a picture of them on your profile? i'm trying hard to find my way round lol. May I print it off to place adverts in the shop & vets
  2. I am so utterly devastated for you. I only pray that the worst that has happened to them both is that someone has found them & taken them in & not thought of the heartbreak their owners are suffering. What breed of parrot are they, do you have any pictures of them at all. I used to work at a pet shop & then at a vets so I can give them a call to put the word out locally if it will help & I will be keeping a look out on my travels & still keeping everything crossed that they will return xx
  3. there are no posts here since September. Is there anymore news on your babies whereabouts? I do still hope & pray that you will find them both safe & well. Just a thought & you have probably already contacted them, but someone could have handed them in not knowing what to do. Tropical Bird Gardens http://www.tropicalbirdland.co.uk/GUESTBOOK-CONTACT-DETAILS- worth a try at least. thinking of you
  4. I'd like to know what other parrot lovers ideas are of 'to cover or not to cover' their birds cage at night & reasons why they do/don't.
  5. counted cross stitch,crochet, embroidery, 4D card making, painting & sketching & making reborn baby dolls.....only ever when my AGP Marley allows though or at night once he's gone to bed, the only real time I have to myself. I wouldn't have it any other way though
  6. my 23 month old Grey, Marley has this 'sound' that he does when ever my daughter is home from uni. It's a real deep clicking sound that gets higher & higher & louder & louder...he really does not like my daughter so he has to stay in his cage for a while at least until we've caught up with things & unpacking done. One sentence he does shout when she walks in is 'you dirty little bu***r'. We have no clue why he says it when she's around as my partner says it to him when we clean his cage each day. Who says parrots don't have a sense of humour lol. & I tell him off for using a naughty word in front of Marley I started to allow him out as the sound got louder but this just seemed to reinforce how he felt about her so now I have to cover his cage & leave the room for a few minutes until he quietens down, then when I walk in & he's calm again, he's out & having kisses & cuddles. This does seem to be working so far so I shall continue with this. As for his naughty phrase, that continues as ever & there seems to be no stopping him with 'voicing his own opinion' of my daughter!
  7. thank you for your lovely comment on Marley, i'm biased though
  8. Hi, it's lovely to meet you both & thank you for the warm welcome. I still find it difficult to talk about Charlie but at least now I can smile (instead of crying all the time) when I remember what he was like & how funny he could be & i've discovered i've got so much more room in my heart to give that love to another Grey, I think the dogs will enjoy having a parrot around again as much as me I just hope he doesn't learn the sqeaky ball noise...... anything but that lol
  9. Hi, it's nice to meet you. I'm learning to live with the pain but it's made a lot easier now i'm having Marley, i'm so excited about having a parrot around the house again.....he'll be a great distraction
  10. Hi & welcome, i'm new here too & am enjoying looking at everyones piccys & hearing there stories. You've 2 beautiful birds & poor Loius stuck in the middle lol, sounds like my 3 yorkies who too were very well trained by my very much missed Grey, Charlie......Marley, our new baby has some teaching of his own to do
  11. Both Lawson & Lynda are an amazing couple & it was through this forum that I found them, their dedication to all of the parrots is unfounded & it shows beautifully through the babies, to watch them with their greys is a fantastic experience. I feel very privilaged to be having one from them....although we nearly said we'd have both, well I did anyway (how do you choose when both chicks are equally as friendly & adorable) but because of my health I have good days, bad days & terrible days so it would mean my eldest son & partner having to do the training now & again so we're going to wait until later this year or early next year & hopefully have another from them then & in the meantime Marley will get my undivided attention [move]4 weeks today & counting [/move]
  12. thanks for your warm welcome. It's been a long time since we've had a baby grey about the place so i'll probably be asking for some advice lol
  13. Hi everyone, my name's Nikki & just happened to stumble upon this forum looking for a new baby Grey. I lost my beautiful Grey, Charlie, 10 days before christmas, to say I was devastated is an understatement, he was my soul mate, I felt so lost without him. I suffer with chronic TMJ Disease & recently had both jaw joints replaced & fell into a bad bout of depression coping with pain & losing Charlie & it was recommended by a very dear friend & my specialist to get another baby Grey & so my search began. We went & visited Tropical Birdland to first see how I responded to being around parrots again & after 6 weeks of scouring the internet & recommendations, I found Lawson & Lynda & i'm now eagerly awaiting to bring my beautiful new baby Marley home, hopefully on 31st March, just 3 days before my birthday . Here's the link to the pictures & video of Marley growing up & his fantastic hand rearing parents, Lawson & Lynda http://s246.photobucket.com/albums/gg112/live-and-love_2008/MARLEY/
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