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  1. Many thanks for your response Its a vet trip then Regards Sue
  2. This morning my Macaw Holly’s cage contained a serious amount of blood. It looked as if she had caught her claw in a nostril,seems to be a slight tear at the bottom. She was a bit upset but eating and drinking ok. A few clots appeared through the morning during her sneezing. She has been very n my shoulder all day, to prevent her scratching. It seems to be bothering her a bit now and is oozing slightly. Am worried about putting her to bed this evening, when she is not being supervised. Any ideas very welcome. Many thanks.
  3. Thank you For that help. Regards Sue
  4. Thanks for that. She is a pet bird, we have had her for 9 years. She is not interested in sitting on them. She has laid another one ten minutes ago. Two eggs were broken, one is ok. Dont know whether its better to encourage her to sit on it, as she had access to it in the cage but was not interested in it. Was worried she would get egg bound, dont even know how many they lay in one go. Regards Sue
  5. Hello all ,I wonder if there is anyone can help please. I have a 10 year old Blue and Gold Macaw, she has laid her first two eggs in the last week. can anyone advise me on her care. As this is the first time it has happened we would like a little help please. Regards Sue
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