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  1. Hi, I've just come across this site and was having the same problem. Found a lady who moved several times and is now in Coventry. I have an 8 year old Afgrican grey (Xena, was going to be Bert until we found out he was a she) who is incredibly tame and goes to most people. One of my customers looks after her at holiday time, but if you are ever stuck for a sitter just give me a shout. I'm in MK. Or I have used Bruno's pet shop on the old A5 up by Rugby when I was really stuck.
  2. Hi I'm in the same position, going away on 15th July returning on the 8th August and need someone to look after Xena my 15 month old African Grey. Our usual sitter is going away the same time hence the reason for posting. We could also look after your birds in return if dates are suitable etc. Thanks Ian
  3. Hi Guys. I am new to this forum and am looking for someone to look after our 16 month old African Grey whilst we go on holiday from the middle of July through to the 8th August. Ideally you would be living in or around the Milton Keynes area as we would like to meet you first and for you to meet Xena our parrot who is very talkative and remarkably friendly. She is a flyer and is out of the cage for several hours a day but is equally happy staying in her cage. We can either pay you for the service you provide or we could look after your parrots if you go on vacation etc.