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  1. hi could any one put me in touch with a good place to get my pionus sexed via dna test was told she was a girl but would just like to confirm this cheers john
  2. well she is called isla and she is obsed with me she just wonts to sit on my shoulder or my arm she dosnt bit at all and she is best frends with our hand tame bugie louie they were sitting on top if isla cage grooming each other earlier she is such a chilled out lovly girl the red bellied macaw hates her though so iv movied him in to the dining room which is walk through to the living room but the space has made both birds happie iv started teaching her step up so all is going well
  3. hi my missus came home with a WHITE CAPPED PIONUS hand reared baby last night she has wonted one for a along time so we have had her for a day know iv been reading and it says in a book i have on parrot training not to let the bird to settle in but to start training straight away what do you guys think should she start training or let the little guy settle in this is her only parrot
  4. thanks alot he does get fresh fruit and veg but he does not like carrot ill do what u sugest and wedge it in the bars iv just order palm nuts dreid mixed fruit and dreid mix veg so i should keep him on his normal diet and just add the other foods as well ??
  5. can any one give me a list of acceptable foods for him iv got the palm nuts ordered but what else
  6. yes he does fly well at the moment he will step up recive his treat and then he emidetly flys back to his cage trying to figure out how to stop him doing this well ill just see how he goes im gonna concentrate on his diet but i am wondering if i should sell him on to a more experienced macaw keeper as i dont wont him to just drop dead on me any thoughts on this i only wont the best for him/her
  7. ok so the vet was right so heres my next question will he be 100% tamable i mean iv got him to step up and he takes food from your hands but iv read that these birds dont tame down any one know any diffrent cheers john
  8. ye i am aware they are just a treat there his fav he will do anything for them but thanks any way
  9. ok here are the photos of my macaw hopfully we can get to the bottom of what type he is here we go http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j374/john2708/IMG_1335.jpg[/img] http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j374/john2708/IMG_1340.jpg[/img]
  10. intresting because i took my what i thought was an illiger's macaw to the vet for a check up and he as told me it was a red bellied macaw this is the third time iv been told my macaw was a certain specices but seen as he is an expert he must be right iv looked at photo's and they do match the only diffrents is he is pritty damn tame going against what iv read and is even responding to training
  11. hi can anyone give me any info on red bellied macaws are they good as pets or are they better in an avary cheers john
  12. i posted a thread on here about training my severe macaw well it turns out my severe macaw is actually a illigers macaw. As for the training side of things "step up" is go great still abit bitie though but we will work through this. my only worrie is he/she is prooning alot and fluffling up and then prooning again and when she fluffs her feathers her skin is pink is this ok/normal cheers john
  13. also she comes right up to me and does this head bobbing up down up down what does it mean
  14. thanks greg well we have done some training i didnt have my perch close by and i was sitting watching tv when she comes down and sits next to me on the arm of the sofa so i had her favarite food hand so i tried to get her to stand on my arm took about half an hour to get her to put on foot on my arm with her bobbing her head and screching realy loud she did the hole test testing my arm with her beak and then she bit my arm twice really hard i didnt move i just took it and it hert any way iv just started with the perch again and as im talk she come down and is biting chunks out of it and if i move away she screams and attacks it and when im holding all she can think about is going for my hand any advice about this she goes from being really nice to just going mental
  15. Ye she is an odd bird she back to being grumpy but I can get my hands much closer now so I'll keep at I am having problems with perch training if a perch or stick is put near her she freaks out I don't know her past but I think she has had a bad experience with with this what would be the bast thing to do ?
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