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  1. Hi, Could anyone give me some advice please. A friend adopted an African grey from another friend.She keeps him at work in her office(its her own business)The office is heated to just the right temp. She is with hime from 8am till 6pm then he goes to sleep, this has been his routine for the last 12months while shes had him and hes been fine. During the christmas period he had less company, he had a light and radio on a timer for the same period but not quite the same I know, although she visited twice a day to feed him. He is fine in himself and normal behaviour but his feathers look out of condition, hes not plucking or losing them but they just look greasy,and messy for a couple of days, then they go back to normal and then greasy again. He gets plenty of cuddles and attention when shes there and he has a varied diet with plenty of fruit. Its still too cold to spray him. Any ideas please
  2. Arrrggghhh... Spike is no better! I have tried all advice to no avail. I even squirt water at him so he knows its naughty to screech but he just says Hello then how can i be cross with him for that x H E L P !!!!!
  3. Thanks Fannyann for your advise, I will give it ago and see how he is. Hes a lovely bird but when he starts screeming, i just want to tear my hair our. :-\ Hes always good at bedtime...lol
  4. Hi, please can anyone help me. We have just moved , 4 weeks before I took my Cockatoo (Spike) to work as it was warm and he was very happy with lots of attention. We have been in our new house for 8 weeks now and Spike does nothing but screech. He gets attention at home but now when we leave the room and hes alone he will shout till someone walks back in.Quite often he just shouts while we are with him watching tv. I know he probably is looking for more attention as when we sit near him he stops. Any ideas as to what I can do ! x
  5. http://s1083.photobucket.com/upload/albums/spike655/ think I may have done it.x
  6. Thank you everyone for welcoming us to this site.I have finally managed to get a link to my photos of Spike. Happy viewing :-)
  7. http://s1083.photobucket.com/albums/j396/spike655/ This is my photo link.Hope this works.
  8. Hi, still having problems uploading photos.I have registered with photo bucket and got the pics on there, but now how do i get them on here....help x
  9. Hi, welcome and Happy New year to you!
  10. Hi, not sure if I have done these photo uploads right....here goes http://s1083.photobucket.com/upload/albums/spike655/
  11. Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. My Name is Fiona and I have a White Umbrella Cockatoo called Spike.He is 10 years old, I got him as a hand reared baby and I spoon fed him for about 6 weeks.He is a lovely bird and enjoys his cuddles and tickles under his wings.
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