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  1. they both seemed to be fine beforehand thats why i thought maybe it's the rapeseed.
  2. should rapeseed be fed to birds as it comes in some seed mixes but i bought some and mixed some in with my foreign finch seed and now i have had my pair of parrot finches die.2 hours before the male was found dead he seemed fine then flat out on the floor.they were housed in a flight with bengelese finches and a pair of goldfinches.
  3. we used a manual turning pentagon air flow chicken incubator.all we got our hands on at the time.which is probably why the chicks had trouble getting out the egg,think it dried the shell to much which made the shell thick.
  4. yes thats what we did for kenny,his crop wasn't emptying fully it seem to hang a little bit to much so we put the crop bra on to give him some lift.it worked great and after 2 days we took it of.and no we don't make a habit of it.the birds parents wouldn't feed them so the first round they had for me died,but we got these eggs out early and this was the first time my mrs julie had ever hand reared never mind from the egg and she has done a great job with them.
  5. all birds now doing very well.the mrs has managed to put some pics on of the birds from egg to now,have a look
  6. Sorry, try this link - http://s1100.photobucket.com/albums/g411/marshallj1/Baby%20Greys%20x/
  7. The chicks are all doing great now, feel free to check their progress now I have uploaded pics :0) http://s1100.photobucket.com/home/marshallj1/index Julie & Ric
  8. the brooder is on 29 at the minute,i have given some potent brew,it seems to be fine now and is eating o.k and crop seems to be empty now after every feed.
  9. apparently according to rob harvey he told me that as long as the crop empty's fully once a day that's fine.
  10. cheers david,ill water it down a little and see if it's the same.
  11. Hi all, I have a 2 week + 1 day old African Grey Chick that I am hand rearing along with 2 others. When I feed this chick, even a small amount, its crop constricts so it is tight and looks like the chick has swallowed a marble! When i massage the crop it seems ok. Then when i feed a little more it happens again. Any ideas or suggestions why you think this might happen? It started last night but the chick seems ok otherwise. Julie & Ric :?
  12. hi everyone,been away for a few days took chicks with us,there a little better now but not loads.the vet is meant to be an avian vet.dr jones from nottingham.thanks anivad for that we have also spoke to rob harvey and he said he has had chicks with the same problem and it's not a problem with the air as long as you get it out like burping them.
  13. got some dioralyte in the cupboard some blackcurrant flavour.when should i give this inbetween feeds.
  14. been told by the vets that we are to give them boiled water instead of a couple of feeds but are awaiting getting some critical care formula which we should be getting in the next half an hour.
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