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  1. Thanks, ill defo check that out Cheers and sorry for late reply
  2. Hello, I was wondering if there are any keepers of African greys local to me that wouldn't mind a visit or two to see there birds and maybe pick there brains a bit. Hoping to get one soon as have been wanting one for years but to be fair haven't seen a great deal of them, especially interact with there owners. Be very much appreciated. Jamie
  3. Been reading different things and I've noticed its not uncommon for say a grey to switch who its most close to once it get to a certain age. Is this usually just a temporary thing? Would it make sense to get a bird that is perhaps 3 years old upwards to prevent this? What are the benefits and negatives of getting a young baby? an older bird maybe having bad habits id imagine being a major? thanks
  4. Thanks very much for the offer, ill defo keep it in mind in case there is no one closer. It is quite a treck lol .
  5. Hello, I'm just wondering if there any African grey owners in Glasgow that wouldn't mind a wee visit by myself to see there bird? Be a great help to see them have a chat to find out there experience's in keeping them. Thinking ill be getting one myself soon at some point. Thanks
  6. Hey. could anyone point me in the right direction? Looking for places near Glasgow where I could visit to see greys and too's? If there is anyone on here that has either and would be ok with me visiting to see there's that would be great and really appreciated thanks for any help. Jamie
  7. Sorry but I think this is rubbish! You should ask them what constitutes a 'starter parrot'! IMHO there is no such thing. Any bird you take on should be for one reason and one reason only - you want that particular type of bird! I mean what would happen to the smaller starter parrot when you feel able to take on a larger one? Should they be farmed around to other 'novices'? The best thing you can do is research lots! And I mean lots then when you think you've read it all look again to see what else you can find. Oh and try and keep a little kitty of a couple of thousand pounds around too because unless they're insured vet fees will soon see that off. I can see how you have came to that conclusion, what you said is true from how you con-strewed what I wrote but I was not for one second think a starter parrot would be a short term thing that gets moved on when you want a bigger bird. Should you be keeping animals at all if one thinks like that really. Keeping tarantulas you would be advised to keep a docile species like a chili rose (better and easy to to care for) than say and asian arboreal as there large, fast and very defensive. Most folf would still keep the chili thou. Anyway, I certainly wouldn't get a bird and move it on. ill only be getting one so want it to be right
  8. Cheers for the great replys, im in no rush get one, may it could be a year or even 2-will make sure the time is right for me and the bird. Originally I wanted a umbrella cockatoo, mainly them being more on the noisy side and put me of slightly. Folk have said you should start with a grey and not a too as there to full on but to be honest I only want one so would want to get what I really wanted. I think this clip is super in the sense the parrot looks great and you could say it like a the 3rd dog but a feathery on lol. Is this an umbrella? I know there's a smaller cockatoo but cant recall the name. Im quite a keen carer of various animals you could say but realise the difference between keep for example tarantulas etc as they never bond with you so you wouldn't have the same guilt should they be sold. Id think of a parrot like I do my chihuahua's, a pet for life as they say.
  9. I totally agree with the above and hate to see animals getting upset and moved from pillar to post through folk not thinking about the reality of keeping such a pet. What I was thinking was that really unless you have kids who would take your parrot should you really get one is your over 35? as they will no doubt out live us lol
  10. Hello, i've just joined the forum and had some great advice already from the friendly folk on here. I'm looking to get a feathered friend myself in the next few years and am now leaning towards a African grey as I think they will be more suited to my lifestyle. (live in a flat currently being one) I was wondering if folk could tell me what age they where when they got there first parrot, what breed they got and what age the bird is now? Also if you had any kids at the time that would be very interesting to know there age too. thanx Ps. im 30 with no kids at the moment, apart from 2 chuhuahua's lol Jamie
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