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  1. can someone tell me about how amazons bond opal is 9 months old male bfa qzzy is 3 year old female owa the last two days qzzy has started cleaning opals head opal trys to do the same but qz isnt keen on this does this mean there bonding with each other and is there any breeding issues i should be aware of these are pet birds and im not looking to breed with thanks linda
  2. as ive said before my birds sleep in cages in my bedroom , they have now decided every time i hoover they want a spaying. it starts with rosie trying to have a bath in her water bowl and quickly the others come over to join in wings up dancing around like a bunch of nutters ,if i turn the hoover of they stop. leave it running and they cant get enough of being spayed. i try to take them down and spay them in the bathroom and they just sit there not interested. Taz(cag) doesnt careless either way anyone got any ideas on this
  3. ive been to the vet today got told off apparently ozzy is 30g over weight and she told me not to feed my birds any seeds or pulse, now im confused . our feeding regime 9am out of cage breakfast alternate days fruit or veg 12 noon downstairs in cage 2pm small scoop of seed 1/3 of a cup 3pm out of cage 4pm seed out of cages 6pm supper sprouts/pulses/grains/fruit or veg not all of these at once 8.45 upstairs walnut or two in cage 9pm bed lights out radio off am i really going wrong so badly she made feel like im abusing my birds any advice
  4. well went to the vet to have bafd test done vet was horrible i wont go there again but on a good note she doesnt think its bafd but a bad diet from previous owners so i hoping all well and ozzy is too fat by 30g and "I shouldnt give my birds any seed or pulses as they dont need it " good news then a kick just for good measure and it cost me £99.99 i could of stayed home and been insulted for free
  5. mine have cages in my bedroom to sleep in (going turn spare bedroom in bird room if i can talk hubby into it ) and large cages in the lounge not that their in that much
  6. well i just thought id tell about what Taz (cag) my devil bird did this morning.All my birds sleep in my room in various cages. They get let out for breakfast and play time . Often i sit in bed and make things with them , first of i gave Taz toddle threading button to play with ,then laugh myself silly as he kept trying to soak it in his water he couldnt see what i found so funny. At about 11am thought id get up properly got my clothes out made one side of the bed (still naked at this point) went to make the other side as i bent to pull the covers straight i felt a sharp pinch on my bottom as i turned there was the devil bird hanging off the side of his cage looking pleased with himself..I guess thats what i get for laughing at him . Cheeky bird.
  7. sorry all been trying to sort my pics all day and get one of them groovy pics at the end of my post
  8. got a appointment at my vets 3/1/12 to have the dreaded teat done i hope all comes back clear keep all your fingers crooed for my ozzy
  9. i weigh my birds every thursday we also have a foot rub and body check
  10. well im new here so here is a bit about me (rather my ever growing flock) first my friend has cag which i feel in love with so decided home one after looking for a while and talking to lots of people i got turn around and brought a hand reared 12 week blue fronted amazon (opal) a bit scary to begin with as he wasnt eating very well but he now eats everything and always first in line even to my dinner (only the good bits). Then i got told about a orange winged amazon (rosie) about 11yrs that had a rough time being past from person to person and after being with someone only a week they chopped his wings (badly) so i brought him and gave him a loving home he has come a long way in a short time from being scared silly if you walked past him screaming in fear and striking out (never biting though) to he now steps up on me and enjoys a little cuddle he get better everyday.So next there's two birds that are left in there cage all day due there familly having a baby and dad working 11 hr days so home they come a african grey(taz) 10yrs and another orange winged amazon(ozzy) 3yrs she is scuffy but i hope this will improve and very shy but im working on that that the cag has no such problems he has nabbed me hard 3 times i filed his beak a little which has helped it was so sharp and pointy i dont think he relised how much pressure he was using have been bit since and we are still getting used to him being on the floor and pouncing on your feet he likes us all but my 19yr son he is in love with follows him when he can im lucky as they all get on together i think this has become an obsession for me now as i only got opal the end of august 2011 and im now a 3 amazon 1 cag 2 cockatiel (ones my sons) 1 redrump flock well thats me
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