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  1. thank you for all your replies everyone i will put your advice in place and see how she goes, she spends alot of time out of her cage and does have toys in her cage but doesnt bother much with them - i will see if i can get her an appointment with the vet to check her over and go from there. Will keep you all updated and once again thank you xxxx
  2. spoke to the previous owner she had dogs and children, reason she rehomed her was she would attack her husband. Food wise they just gave her seed and bits of human food and cups of tea/coffee. I havent given her that as far as i was aware caffine isnt good for them. I have children and a dog but no fella haha thankfully!!! I was spraying her 3 times a day with just cool boiled water, i noted on here it recommends yellow listerine so i have been using that at the recommended dilute the last couple of day. Honestly i am stumped as to what the issue is, The other owner worked where as i am a stay at home mum so she get my attention all the time. She seems bright enough she chats and sings and dances, steps up onto me no problem. As soon as she is out of her cage she flys to me for her cuddles she is such a lovely girl i am just worried about the plucking. STUMPED??
  3. Morning everyone, Just after some advise re YOYO she was a serious plucker with her first owner and then with her second owner she started to regrow her feathers. Anyway i am her third owner, She came to me with a bald neck and was fed just a seed based diet with the odd bit of fruit. Whilst she has been with me i have intriduced her to new fruits and veg. Some she will take no problems others she just throws out of her dish lol....She is on vit supliments and trying to get her to have plam nut extract but she isnt keen at all. Anyway I have noticed the plucked area she has is now getting bigger and she is reverting to the old plucking habit. She constantly scratches which seems to be making it more impossible for the feathers to grow back. I really need to stop her from doing this before it escalates so any advice greatly appreciated. Claire xxx
  4. thank you for the lovely replies its very much appreciated, its all a learning curve for me but i think i am covering everything she needs fingers crossed. I will try to sort out some pics over the next few weeks once i get chance. Claire xx
  5. Good evening everyone, Well i have joined your community to enhance my knowledge of the African Grey Parrot. I have had my lovely YOYO for five days now and its all going brilliantly. She is 3.5yrs old and unfortunatly looks a bit scrappy as she has plucked some of her feathers. She was in a pub for a good two years and apparently plucked all one side of her body plus some of her wing, she was a very unhappy girl......Then she was taken in by the couple i bought her from for the last year her feathers have grown back all accept around her neck but there is new growth still coming through so hopefully in time this will continue. Since i got her she has taken some very big steps in trusting me, she will take food from my hand now and will step up onto my arm and allow me to stroke her....if i stop she nudges me as if to say come on mummy more please. She has been saying a few words and seems to be settling alot quicker than i expected as i know these things can take months. Anyway i hope i can continue to learn about her and improve our relationship. Looking forward to reading lots of your posts. Kind Regards Claire x
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