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  1. Ok, trying to figure things out here. I've setup a new site (on this server) and it uses the same files and the same database. It's http://forum.parrot-link.co.uk You cant log in on it, as it will redirect you to this site, but you can see all the forum as a guest. When anyone gets any error messages relating to timing out and 408 errors, please try the above site to see if there're still problems. If it appears better/worse or no different, please post here. If it appears to fix it, it's an easy job to swap everything over, and keep the url the same (so it would still be https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/forum ) and you'd not have to update anything. There'd probably be only a few minutes downtime too. Lemme know
  2. hmmmm - weird... The server's not overloaded at all, barely into a sweat...
  3. lemme know if you're still having slooooow issues
  4. looks like your webhost is blocking emails from parrot-link.co.uk. I've sent them an email to try and stop this from happening
  5. Hi all, A month or so ago there were a few people not getting emails from here. I've been playing with a few settings today, so can those that couldn't get emails now get emails? (and can the people that /could/ get emails, still get them!?!!) Thanks
  6. do the people that are having email problems have email addresses with: yahoo.com/.co.uk hotmail.com/.co.uk aol.com/.co.uk etc?? Can everyone who's having problems just post what type of email account they have (as above)
  7. she said the forum was having a few timeouts, but never said she couldnt get on...!
  8. so at the moment, it's not logging you out? (it's cos i'm here )
  9. ok, when you replied just then, there was a www in the address and you could see the quick reply box. Yes? I assume it didnt ask you to log in? If the quick reply box isnt there, it normally means you're not logged in and so will ask you to as soon as you click reply. i'd like to know if, when it asks you to log in again, was the www there and was the quick reply box there (obviously, before you clicked 'reply') Does that confuse the hell out of you? (it does me!!)
  10. answer those questions next time it asks you to log in when you click 'reply'
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