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  1. That has made it much simpler for me, thanks will try it
  2. My Jeremy's diet has improved greatly since we got him, but there are still things he must need in his diet that I am not giving. What would people say is vital to have in an Amazon's diet? He is currently having a low sunflower - 5% - seed mix - this looks half decent to me and certainly much better than his original diet of mostly sunflower seeds! He has this available all day and at meal times I make up a wee bowl of sweetcorn, peas and add whatever other veg we have usually carrot, broccoli etc - he often just picks out the sweetcorn and leaves most the rest - with a sprinkle of Cayenne pepper and as of lately the odd sprinkle of egg food. He gets the odd bit of fruit throughout the day, we usually share ours with him, he likes orange, banana and apple but goes on and off things as they do! I also want to be able to give as much dietary advice as pos at work to encourage people to improve their bird's diets
  3. Thats fantastic rubytoo thanks! I will start a thread over there whn I get hone from work tonight
  4. Willsbridge Soak Seed mix any good!?
  5. Hi rubytoo and thank you I know it is terrible that I have a parrot of my own and don't know this but can you tell me more about sprouting mix please! I'd like to have a selextion of seeds/mixes perhaps where people can bag up what they want. I also need this for my boy as atm he has a low sunflower mix with fruit and veg added. We have read books, sites etc but still have much more to learn! I'm wondering if there is a comany that specialises in parrots that I could order bits from. I was also thinking of having some tubs with different bits in and lengths of rope where people could make their own toys - should work out cheaper and more fun!
  6. Thanks for the replies. I won't be goig mad with it, we are a small shop with about half or more being dog stuff. The bird section will still be small, I just want to improve it! We get the regular old ladies buying cheap budgie seed and the odd toy or treat stick and millet, but I know there are a lot of parrot owners that don't come here oftenI guess cos we dont have much on offer. A knowledgable parrot owner orders egg food from us, but she said the supplements etc we get are no good - I wouldnt bother with the stuff for mine so no point me trying to sell something I wouldnt buy myself! I think a selection of toys for different sizes and some.better quality food/treats. We plan to make our own hutches and bird tables so may get OH to make aome perches, his mum has an apple tree in her garden we can help ourselves to!
  7. OH and I are - all being well and good - taking over the pet shop in which I work. We want to improve on stock and everything in general and are working on finding new contacts, wholesalers etc. I want to improve our bird section, atm we have a small selection of not great quality bird seed, for budgie, cockatiel, parrot etc, a couple treats, toys, tbh it is stuff I see in most pet shops. I know there are a lot of parrot owners about and would like to have more to offer and perhaps be a little more 'specialist'.. So, what would you like to see when you walk into a pet store??
  8. Aww he is just fab!! Love his dancing and that noise he makes is too cute! I personally wouldn't own one myself, but they do look like fun!
  9. Bubba sounds lovely, yes pics please! I have an Amazon too who is a real dear, and aren't they just so funny! I'd never met an Amazon until my Jeremy but am definitely taken with them and would have another.
  10. Thanks all thats great! OH pinched some branches off his Mum's apple tree yesterday and did some DIY with those, he drilled holes in it and filled with seeds but not sure the birds have worked it out yet!
  11. Thanks both, hoping they will do better in a home environment, when they were at the rescue they were in the bird room so don't think there's a lot going on for them although plenty of other birds. We will try to keep them busy, and if we are out they will at least have radio, dogs and Jeremy to entertain them! Initially OH was shocked at how loud they are and I thought he wasn't keen but he seems to be getting quite attached after just a few days so who knows lol!
  12. Can anyone recommend any (not too expensive!) foraging toys and where to get em? Or how to make some myself? We are thinking if we feed our foster conures though foraging toys it will keep them busy and take their mind off plucking feathers! It's worth a try!
  13. Meet Donut and Sunny.. We are fostering these two noisey little conures who need a forever home! Donut is a plucker due to trauma and poor wee Sunny (behind) is a victim of this! They didn't come together originally but the rescue put them in the same cage as they get on well and cuddle up, but it's a shame that Sunny has suffered a plucking. Can't actually see much of Sunny in this pic!
  14. Jeremy has never seemed too keen on spray or baths but started trying to get in the bath i bought him - seemed it wasn't roomy enough - so now I put a dish on his shelf for him with warmish water in which he bathes himself in and seems to like
  15. Thanks all, he is really coming along
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