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  1. why cant i place an ad in for sale section
  2. hi folks i got myself a macaw and its claws look to long i was wondering is there anyone around the corby with exprience who would come and have a look at his claws for me thanks
  3. thanks that also answers my question
  4. thanks for the welcome folks looking forward to reading some of your posts and looking at some pictures of your lovely birds i might also look into rehoming a blue and gold macaw as i think this is also a good idea as it would have a good home and the owner of the bird could come to my home and see were bird is going to
  5. hi folks my name is ian i just thought i would say hello to you all im thinking of getting a macaw i have been thinking about getting 1 for the last 8 months but not committed yet to buying one of these lovely so hopefully you can put me in the right direction thanks for taking the time to read this post ian
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