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  1. Glad you found one, sometimes birds can be very tame for one person and take a bit of time to be tame for others. Lots of patience and consistancy usually works. Our Ekkies aren't tame, they will take food from your hands but they're parent reared birds and in an aviary
  2. I know a guy in Sittingbourne, we have got one of his Ekkies. Pretty sure he has a youngster or two for sale at the moment. His name is Luke Kennett, if you're still looking drop me a PM and I'll give you his number/details
  3. Welcome I would suggest other ringnecks, I've kept pairs and also a mixed aviary with a few different colours. They're very adaptable and now is the time of year to put him outside so that he acclimatises gradually before the cooler weather. I second what Net says about a sheltered area, and we use a windbreak netting on the outside of our aviairies which also protects from direct sunlight in the summer. When putting him out with a companion/s put them in the aviary at the same time, so that none have a chance to get territorial and bully the other Good luck
  4. Sorry, I voted before reading through your post, I'd choose a Moluccan for myself out of those 3 but agree with the other posters that 'toos are really a full on lifetime commitment, more so than other companion birds. Although sometimes the colours are wonderful I don't agree with cross breeding of species, so personally would only take a harlequin from a rescue never from a breeder. Good luck with your move and search
  5. Hello, Pionus tend to be quite a bit quieter than amazons. Have a look at White capped pionus, they're probably the quietest of our birds, although you will still get noise at all the 'normal' times. Also a lot of the poicephalus are far less noisy than Amazons. We have Jardines, Meyers and Senegals who chatter away but pleasantly. Pennants parakeets or GMR's would add a splash of colour with a lower noise level too. Hope this has given you a few options
  6. Thank you! Had a lovely day, hubby took the day off work so we went out for lunch. He still didn't feed the birds for me though!!!
  7. I use dinner and tea for the evening meal, lunch at midday. I think it probably stems from 'dinner' being more of a main meal and 'tea' a lighter meal, more like afternoon tea.
  8. Just seen on Facebook that there's been a siting of a brightly coloured parrot. Fingers crossed x
  9. ours spend most of their time hiding in the shade!
  10. I think we may have a blue front baby, but we'll have to wait and see
  11. So sorry to hear that your wife is suffering. If you do decide to move him outside these guys will make aluminium box framed panels to any size you require. I've seen their stock and it's great quality, and cheaper than Rosemead! http://www.avifabs.co.uk/
  12. I've got everything crossed!!!
  13. Hope the results are quick and she recovers quickly x
  14. I don't have any greys, and nearly all of our birds have really taken to them. Strange isn't it?
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