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  1. Hi all! I have a 10 year old Amazon and I now live in Lancaster and plan on making trips away from time to time. Is there anybody in this area that offers a parrot boarding service? Many thanks
  2. Hi there, thank you for that. Wow yes, by rail must have been interesting :/ I'll take a look at getting him a travel cage , good plan. These parrots are pretty resilient aren't they and as long as he has food and water and is secure. He's a laid back little fella so perhaps he will like the journey?! (Ok well maybe an hour of it!)
  3. Hi all, in around 6 weeks time I will be relocating from Kent to Lancashire. The trip is around 7 hours and I am concerned about how I am going to move my amazon safely. I will be driving my car with my 1 year old daughter in the back and my brother is going to be taking a van up with all our stuff. Please, any suggestions as to how best go about it would be greatly appreciated as I want to be prepared and make the journey as easy as possible for my bird. Thank you! Lorraine
  4. I will put a piece of spinach in my mouth and my lil fella will eat the other end with me (Lady and Tramp stylee!)
  5. Hi all, I am due my first baby any day now and I am a bit concerned about my Amazon Bubba. He comes out every evening and mooches around; whether that be playing with me or sitting on my shoulder or perching elsewhere in the house. I have tried to limit the time he is out of the cage recently so he adjusts to me not being as available for a little while, at least until he is used to my baby. I am a bit concerned he will develop jealousy or behavioural problems as a result of the new arrival. I am going to be busy with her a lot of the time and so I want to ensure he is not neglected or feels like he is being neglected. I know parrots can be hyper sensitive with these things. He is a well behaved bird and rarely causes any problems so I want to try and maintain that for him as he is important to me. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hi all Sorry this has taken so long to get up but I have uploaded some piccy's of my lil fella. Jeremoo are there any pictures of Jeremy we can see? Cool name!! http://s1363.photobucket.com/user/rainy2321/story/35119
  7. Hi Ruby, I think Bubba is not an impressionable little soul otherwise the bad example Honey could have set would have sent his behaviour spiralling When I click on attachments and other options it only gives me these two:- Notify me of replies Don't use smileys
  8. Ah no I am not mistaken She certainly has some feathery attitude! Bubba is laid back in comparison! I shall attach a piccy of Bubba but cannot seem to do it, any tips?
  9. I wanted to write a little bit about my 9 year old O/W - Lilacene cross Amazon Bubba. I have had him since he was 6 months old and he has been through lots with me; a relationship split where my ex was his other parent, a 4 day trip in the outside world that saw me hunt for him night and day (his eventual return story made the papers!), moving house 2 or 3 times, hanging out with my brother's rather loopy black headed caque. Bubba is a well behaved, loving little fella. He sits with me often and I know what his squeaks, squarks and facial expressions mean. He loves mash potatoes, humus (in limited amounts), scrambled eggs and biscuits (bad Bubba!) He likes nothing better than sitting on the TV in the evenings of sitting on my shoulder, there are times where his mood becomes more boisterous and he likes to play fight, he cannot stand the hoover and chooses to flick water at whoever might be using the dreaded household appliance. Like any parrot, there are times when he misbehaves, if he chooses to nip hard he will laugh straight after. I wouldn't change him for the world, he is like a child to me and I wanted to big him up
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