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  1. There's a photo of him at the start of this thread He loves tangerines, and chips and toast lol. He also loves raspberries and strawberries.
  2. Yeahh he is very silly haha. He definitely likes his food anyway!
  3. Last night, we had a party, just a few guests. Roberto, on seeing the snacks being brought out, FELL off his perch in excitement He's a greedy pig
  4. To be fair, I knew buttered toast would be a winner, but I don't really like giving it to him, coz it's not good for him. We had no tangerines in the house either, but he enjoyed munching on some lettuce and tomato. He seemed to be enjoying perching on top of the cage, and as I wasn't going out and I knew he was quite safe, I just left him to it lol. It was really funny when he splatted a nice green poop on the carpet though Crazy bird! Thanks for your nice words regarding Grandma. I wonder if there is a way of sharing a video with you, one of his doing his squawking routine lol
  5. When we aren't around, there is always a radio on and the dog is there too, so they keep each other company. My boyfriend's cousin lives here too so when we aren't around he usually is, so The dog and Parrot aren't left for too long! Usually 8 hours at most.
  6. Hi all, sorry for the delay in replying. I have been without a computer for a while, had to by a new one! Grandma passed away peacefully and pain-free at the start of December. She spoke to the nurses before it happened and she was happy and ready to pass on. Roberto, although it has taken a while, it back to his old self. He is chripy, especially in the mornings, and is going through is old routine of squawaks, shouting at you, doing his Tarzan impression and his opera singing, shouting "bloody hell", etc. Yesterday I was trying to get him from his travel cage and into his big cage, and it took me 10 hours. It was no troble getting him out of his travel cage but he spent 10 hours perching on top of it, squawking, napping (and pooping on the carpet)! In the end, when I wasnted to go to bed, I managed to lure him in with some buttered toast. He missed out on the sunshine yesterday, because I wanted him safely in his cage so I cold take him into the garden to soak up the rays and get the fresh air! Silly bird! Apologies again for the delay in replying! And thank you all so much for your kind words regarding Grandma. Ali xx
  7. Yeah, he has enriched our lives, just as he enriched Grandma's. She is unconscious now, and doesn't have long left :-(
  8. The other day I put a segment in his bowl for later, and he made a beeline for it, I had to shout on him to get his attention to show him the other bit in my hand. He grabbed it abc ate the whole segment with gusto, then ate the other one straight after Lol. He chirped the whole time. He also loves pomegranate :-)
  9. Was trying Bert with different fruits recently. He goes mad for a tangerine Lol. He loves them :-)
  10. I don't know about that Lol, but he does ring his bell for service when he wants attention. Yeah, I'm glad to know so much about his past. When he was young, he used to squawk when my boyfriend was trying to watch TV. My boyfriend, as a 7 year old, used to bang the side of the cage to shut him up, so one day Bert squawked, then timed it just right so that he could have a bite. He bit a huge chunk out of my boyfriend's hand Lol. Clever boy!
  11. Lol, he is full of mischief. When he was younger, he was always throwing his seeds at the dogs he lived with at Grandma's house. She used to run a pub and he would wander up and down the bar, trying to steal whisky out the glasses of the locals. I believe this is where he learned the term "bugger off, you!. Lol
  12. Roberto was having a wash there and he accidentally splashed Alfie (the dog).... Alfie was annoyed and barked at him. Bert stared for a few seconds and g then started splashing Alfie with water deliberately Lol. So funny! :-)
  13. Thank you :-) I'll give it a go. I really appreciate all the advice I'm being given :-)
  14. OK, so is it a special kind of seed I need to buy? And is it just water I soak them in? Sorry, I'm being dense Lol.
  15. I'm not sure I understand the soaking and sprouting thing. Could someone explain please?
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