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  1. Thanks for your help guys. Surprisingly though maybe able to change our living situation quicker than we thought depending on a few things. I am trying to explore all options before letting him go. I did see some of the pictures on facebook, seems like a lot of parrots in cages. Also after reading their FAQ I really do not like the way it is worded. No the bird does not have paper work, from what I can tell as it seems to change often is that the bird was from a glorified garden centre which has been known to sell any bird you wnat under the counter :/ He does have a ring but I see nothing on it what so ever.
  2. Been a while since I've been on here. For those that don't remember, my OH mother was kinda dumped with a moluccan cockatoo after someone asked if she could look after a cockatiel for a while :/ anyway we fell in love and wanted to keep however, with mine and my OH living situation, we couldn't have him live with us so has been living with the OH's mum in hopes that in a few years that he would live with us. Sadly however though, he is driving the OH's mum nuts, our living situation is not likely to change for years due to the type of jobs we have and we can only see him once a few days a months and sadly, although he has a big cage, we can't have him out safely. We are looking to rehome as it is what's best, the OH's mum suggested to rehome him to the "parrot zoo" in Lincolnshire, the thing is I can't tell if this is a different place to the "National Parrot zoo" which is also in Lincolnshire which I know is a dodgy place. She seems pretty adamant to give him their because she knows someone who helps out there and breeds parrots and says they are good and don't listen to reviews as it's people being nasty for no reason, but I don't think an entire community of keepers would be against someone unless they are doing something very wrong, this is of course if they are even the same place. If anyone one knows of a good place it would really help
  3. Oh no poor thing it is always sad to see dead birds We had robins in our garen, they hatched the eggs, fed them for a week and when it started hailing, they left all 5 babies to die We get wood pidgeons flying into our windows and seagulls, makes the whole house shake!
  4. Now I know the vet I took her too wasn't a reptile specalist but when they said they treated reptiles I assumed they would know how to treat the common problems with them specially with the amount of reptile shops around here and I got advised by someone to go there. I paid £20 for an address of a speclist vet, given I thought the nearest one was 2 hours away from me and this one ws an hour away, I'm sure I could have found that info myself. They were happy draining the egg! Good news though, after taking her to the vet and me giving her a bath which I had done plenty of times before, she decided to lay it along with a nuce and the biggets poo I have ever seen her do! She is such a madam!
  5. My old female snake is egg bound with infertile eggs, so worried about her, I really hope they can sort her out. Nervous as this is the first time I will have taken a snake in, just hope they know what they are doing.
  6. When I am jobless, and it's not a snake viv cleaning weekend, no. When I have a job, or its time to clean the snakes out, yes. Takes me like 2-3 soild hours to clean out the snakes fully. Sometimes I debate if having animals at all was the right choice, it menat I had to stay at home for uni as no-one allows pets in first year accomodation whilst I love them, they limit what you can do. Think I would still have the one pet just no-more than that!
  7. I would maybe go back, I mean I did take Buzz on thinking he was a teil and I love small birds, we always had lots of small birds when I was a kid so I really miss that. Although saying that with how he came, I'm glad we have him. He is lovely but if I were to choose a bird, he would defietly not be on the list! We are not giving him maybe everything he needs since he is still funny about comming out and with his food, but I think we give him more attension that what any "rescue" place that is closeish by could give him. Maybe when moved put of the mother in laws house, have a stable job I will get more birds, maybe even big ones but certainly will not be a parrot! Maybe a toucan or a goose, duck (yeah know big difference ), chickens for sure.
  8. I didn't know there was spot on for parrots! I have heard of people using spot on for cats/rabbits or front line and using less of it! May have to keep an eye out for some.
  9. Wow they are so cute! Great colours as well! We had some light sussexs batams at one point, great characters (very moody and broody, fetch blood well lol!) I love the little black one you have, looks like a mini version of our black orphington! It is a devil, that and red mite! We seemed to go from having no red mites and scaly legs to then what seems over night to be a problem. We always had the coop dusted against red mite and had none, and then there were tons it was horrible! They all get their legs sprayed every 3 months like its says against scaly leg although it seems to come back in summer a little. We tried vets jabs, vaseline and all these other home remedies on chicken forums, just thankfully we finally found something that works!
  10. Got some more new girlies! The older girlies do look like they have poorly feet due to a past bout of scaly leg but it is all gone, just takes forever for the scales to drop off and regrow. Girlies we got today! (hybrid rhode islands/warrens) They are 16 weeks old, from left to right then the bottom - Biscuit, Onion, Ginger, Paprika. http://i1211.photobucket.com/albums/cc440/Stapey/Chickens/DSC_0166.jpg[/img] Got these Mid week, they are sliver sussexs called danni and vicki http://i1211.photobucket.com/albums/cc440/Stapey/Chickens/DSC_0151.jpg[/img] Liquorice, black orpington http://i1211.photobucket.com/albums/cc440/Stapey/Chickens/DSC_0140.jpg[/img] Maisie, she is kinda disabelled and can't walk well at all, so I call her Cripples sometimes but shes fine and bullying the new girls. Shes an ex battery http://i1211.photobucket.com/albums/cc440/Stapey/Chickens/DSC_0142.jpg[/img] Flappy old warren and Ashely the lavdner Orphington http://i1211.photobucket.com/albums/cc440/Stapey/Chickens/DSC_0146.jpg[/img] And Rosie stuffing her face and not looking up! She also can't walk well
  11. Thanks biggles! Never thought about a tree surgeon stupidly and thankyou for a link to the rope, that is really cheap rope and it's wide! LAll the rope I was looking at before from parrot places that was 6ft was wide enough for budgies and nothing much bigger! The hooks are a good idea, don't think he would unhook them. It is so hard to find a perch for a big bird that is longer than 10" it seems in parrot places, guess another diy job along with the atom..
  12. Checked loads of times all around the little woods and forest where I live looking for wood for snakes, all diseased and got worm wood Not much of a DIY person, I'm not allowed to have a saw or touch any tools Guess I will have another look and maybe nag the b/f to do it. Was really hoping for a rope one
  13. Wondering if anyone has seen any 6ft long perches at all that are very wide in girth at all?
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