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  1. Hi there. havent been online for quite a while. i forgot my passowrd but managed to log on using facebook. ive tried sending a forgot password email but i havent receieved one. can someone help please. thankyou
  2. thanks rubytoo i am indeed doing my homework, so much reading, so much to get through lol and im sure i will have many more questions , well i know i will.
  3. theres hardly any adverts on bird trader that look to be real :/
  4. in the deep end that made me chuckle. a friends nan had an amazon and that was allways a nice tempered bird when i went with him to visit, was a very old bird though. im thinking of getting one, next year some time, no idea what yet :/ then once that one has settled in getting another. maybe of a different kind. so they have company when im out is there any particular birds that dont like each other? or is it just trial and error? if you have a pair how do you stop them breeding? just dont give them a nest box and remove the eggs if they lay some?
  5. de voicing?! that is just pure wrong! id like to see how they would feel if they were de voiced!
  6. looks very nice, they do make a nice shape as they are together like a pair ive allways fancied a tattoo of one with it wings spread out across the top of my back
  7. Hi everyone. as i am still yet to own a parrot for myself how did you all start off? did you start with one, two? or more birds? but then i suppose this would depend on whether they are mature or babies as training two babies would be quite a handfull im guessing
  8. our cockateils bob their heads to each other out in the aviary. they do it to me to and chatter to me. think its just one of their ways of communication with each other i allways bob my head back to them, then they tilt their head to side and look at me making there little clicking noises. (probably saying you numpty what are you doing) lol
  9. this is just horrible! actually makes me speechless thinking about it
  10. So can you not buy an aviary bird and train it to become a indoor pet from a baby?
  11. thanks for the help everyone amazing how the bird can be imprinted on even before they hatch! seems really hard to actually find a parent reared bird though
  12. thankyou everyone for all your knowledge and taking the time to give me a good explanation its really helped
  13. Hi everyone i have question for you all. as i am yet to own a parrot for myself i want to know how and when it is the right time to introduce a baby parrot to visitors, incase i decide to get a baby that is. firstly i would get the parrot used to myself. what age and what would you say is the right way to introduce them to friends? i hope i have explained it well enough im not that great at explaining lol thankyou everyone
  14. yes there are indeed loads! lol i have read that some bird like the senegal become a more of a one person parrot, do you find this with any of your birds?
  15. thanks ria. i have busy reading away i never realised there where so many different types of parrots available to keep as pets in the uk!
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