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  1. Hi everyone Im not sure if im putting this in the right place,im new here and still finding my way around the site. I just wanted to tell everyone about my new baby african grey,Sid. We decided to extend our family last October,and after many months of reading and searching,we finally found a breeder local to us.It seemed like we waited forever for Sid to be old enough to come home with us,and im sure the poor breeder was getting abit fed up of us calling and 'just poping in' to get updates on our little guy lol. I cant believe how easy he seems to have settled in,and he already wants to be out of his cage all the time and sat on our laps for loves. Hes not very steady on his feet yet and always seems to take the hardest way round his cage to get to the next perch lol.Im hoping he'll find his feet soon though,as my hands and arms are cut to bits where he holds on to tight.is there anything i can do to help him,or is it just a matter of waiting and alot of gritting my teeth Im abit nervouse about introducing him to the dog though.I dont think Bruno (the dog) would hurt Sid,but hes so playful,and doesnt know his own strength sometimes.Does anyone have any tips?
  2. I would never give anything to the RSPCA.They are just greedy and this proves it.I do feel sorry for the inspecters who are out on the street every day.But the love for animals goes no higher than them. I thought they were suposed to creat safe havens for all animals,wild as well as domestic,but then again,noone pays a small fortune to adopt a wild animal like squirrel or a sparrow.They should hang there heads in shame.
  3. Lol!! thats so true! the dogs names bruno,but i never call it him.its either bubu or 'what you done now!!'
  4. I did try and talk him into letting me bring him home today lol but he wanted to hang onto him for a few more days,just to make sure everythings ok. Cant think of a name for him though.My husband wants to call him Scruff,cos everytime weve been to see him,hes just been feed andd has his dinner all down him! lol. But i think thats more of a dogs name.What do you think?
  5. Thanks for your replys everyone and thanks alot for the links.The winged wisdon site looks great,and i will definatly have a really good read of it The great news is that since i last spock to the breeder (about 2 weeks ago now),my little baby is ready to come to his new home,so im going to pick him up on sunday :D .I say little,but i was quite suprised at how much he had grow inbetween visits! lol.
  6. hi my name is kerry,and i would like a little advice if thats ok. after many months of searching,i have finally found the most beautiful baby african grey (boy) . hes not quite weaned yet,so hes still with his breeder,who says it shouldnt be to much longer now (i cant wait).i was wondering if any of you had any advice on bringing him home.id hate for him to get to upset.should i put him straght into his new cage or leave him out for a little while for a little loving and a wonder around his new home?should i just start him off with one perch in his cage and add more later? and how high off the cage bottom should it be?will he want toys in there stright away or should i leave them till hes settled?should i keep the grate in the bottom of the cage or will he hurt himself on this if he should fall? any advice,no matter how small a thing you think it might be would mean loads thanks alot.im looking forward to hearing form you
  7. Hes almost 7 months old now,so hes stll only a baby We got him almost 3 weeks ago,so we havent had him long.He will now sit on a stick and doesnt go nuts anymore when you go upto his cage,but hes still very hand shy.
  8. Thanks for the replys guys. The mix i get Charlie doent have alot of sunflower seeds in it either,although they do seem to be his favourite.Are to many bad for them? We havent had him that long,and he still doent seem to want anyone near him,not even to take any treats.I know this could take some time though. Your friends little regent sounds great and i hope Charlie can learn some of the same kind of tricks hers can do (when he lets me close enough lol) My husbands been trying to get him to wolf whistle,and hes got the first half down to a t Glad to hear that he is really takeing note of me....i was starting to think id got a little snob on my hands,the way he sits there on his perch with his beak up in the air everytime i talk to him lol I'll get some pics up as soon as i find the camra cables,one of the ferrets wondered off with it the other day,and god knows where shes stashed it lol
  9. Thanks for your reply Wendy. They are lovely! More than anything i was wondering if i was feeding him right.The parrot mix i am feeding to him is mainly made up of lots of different seeds,and bits of nuts and some pellets.Im not sure of the brand as where i buy it from they sell it lose.Does this sound about right with what your friend is feeding hers? Charlie would only eat apple to start with,but he is slowly getting used to other fresh fruit and veg. What age did your friends bird start to talk?Sometimes im sure i hear a "hello",but that might just be me! lol. Glad to find out that Charlie isnt just a noisy little man and that its normal (im very new to parrot keeping and not sure on alot of things). Out of interest,what tricks does he do?
  10. It was!! That was about 7 years ago now.I was left with one old girl who died the following summer.i swore id never have any more after that.But i saw my Smudge afew months ago,and couldnt resist any longer lol! Ive been bringing him in at night and will carry on doing so till everything quiets down again. I must sat that my ferrets love them.They all sit in a line at the frount of there court and watch!! lol!!
  11. Hi. I said i was going to put this post up days ago,but been to busy reading everyone elses posts :roll: . I was just wondering if anyone else has a regent parrot (also known as a rock pebbler)? We got one a few weeks ago,and ive done loads of reading on the net,but most sites seem to say the same things over and over again.And alot of them seem to contradict each other. They dont seem to be that popular,so i would love to hear from someone who has,or has had one. Do they make good little talkers?Did you get them to learn any tricks?What was/is there fav food? Are they all as noisie as my Charlie,lol? Is there a reason why they dont seem to be as popular as other birds or have i just been looking in the wrong places?They are so beautiful,with great colouring,and i would love to find out more about them as pets.
  12. Done! I lost 6 rabbits one year due to fireworks.It broke my heart.
  13. Thanks for you reply Rubytoo. Charlies larger than a tiel,hes about the size of a large pigeon.what other breeds are round about this size? I had my heart set on rescueing a gray,but if you dont think they would get along due to the size difference i would be more than happy to look at something else. I never thought about breeding him,but it is something i will now have a close look at.I have ferrets,and bread them this year for the first time...i really enjoyed the experience,and it was great to see them going to there loving new homes.We hatch alot of chickens and quails to,and i love to see them grow and become more and more independent.I know parrots would be alot more hard work,but youve given me somthing to think about I will do as you say and start a post titled regent/rock pebbler and see what people say.there doesnt seem to be to much about them on the net,and what there is,is the same things over and over again.it would be great to hear someone elses view on them. Thanks again
  14. i would have a good look round first,you never know,you might get yourself a right bargin off some where like gumtree or preloved. if you do go for the first one you could always build a safty door onto it.it wouldnt cost you much. the other year i built two large chicken runs for my hubbys hens and ended up having to add safty doors to them,as there off like a shot if they get a chance lol!
  15. hi rubytoo.we do cover him up at bedtime,and even though hes in the living room,its quite quiet in there aftre about half 8,as im at work and our sons in bed,so theres only my other half in.even the dogs fllat out in the bach room by that time lol.i am off work next week,so that would be perfect to let him out in the evening to see what happens. i dont know if he was parent reared or not greg,but i think you might be right.we were thinking of getting another parrot,sometime next year to keep charlie company,does it have to be the same breed though?
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